Biggest threat to the NC Democratic Party

Accommodating those who aren't really Democrats:

We really need to work on branding. And I'm not talking about a catchy saying or product title, I'm talking about super-heating a steel rod in some hot coals and burning a "J" on the forehead of certain Dem lawmakers. The "J" stands for Jackass, but I'm willing to compromise on the letter.



Here are the names of the eleven

Here are the names of the eleven Democrats -

Ayes: Representative(s): Adcock; Alexander; Brisson; C. Graham; Goodman; Hamilton; Hunter; R. Moore; W. Richardson; Waddell; Wray

My rep is an R so of course he voted for it. We have a chance to flip that seat in 2016 and I hope we do.

What a bunch of idiots

... or more likely ... whores.

What's in it for them and their districts?

To rub a little salt in that wound,

Republicans are climbing over each other to use this as proof the Budget was good:

It certainly puts all the predictions of catastrophe into perspective – and makes liberal groups’ pressuring McCrory to veto the budget earlier this week look all the more ludicrous. The budget also received unanimous support from Republicans, the first time that’s happened in quite a while.

So, ignore the spin. You might not think it’s a perfect budget but nobody does, on either side of the aisle. But the extended legislative process played out, and the result was a document that represents a broad range of interests important to North Carolina, one that will move the state forward – as evidenced by the 11 House Democrats who voted in its favor.

Get that? We're the ones trying to spin the Budget, not Republicans. The f**king absurdity is mind-bending.

I guess the main point is

I guess the main point is that the 11 Democrats who voted with the Republicans are cut from the same piece of rotten crap.