Big dogs

I've spent the last 24 hours worried about my sweet dog, who was grabbed by another dog, a big, aggressive creature, hiking in Cedar Falls Park yesterday. The big dog clamped down on Jack's neck and shook him nearly to death. Instinctive, mindless killing. To get the dog to drop Jack, I had to kick it in the stomach. I kicked as hard as I could in a panic, aiming for the abdomen. It worked. I was able to snatch Jack away in the second he was let go. He bit me in his own panic of becoming a bully's rag doll.

The big dog was on a leash held by a 30-something woman who couldn't control anything. Nor could the man who was with her. I'm sure they didn't mean to almost kill Jack. They were just exercising their personal freedom to be irresponsible.

Next time I walk by another dog on a trail, I'll pick Jack up and carry him past. Live and learn, if you're lucky.

Had I been carrying a handgun in my civic duty to arm America, I would have shot that big dog. Then the man would have shot me. Then my wife would have shot him. Then the woman holding the leash would have shot my wife. She'd get clean away.


I have started carrying pepper spray for this reason.

And I can't actually shoot a gun. These people drive me crazy with dogs they can't control. A gentle leader would work wonders with most of these dogs. You can spray the dog with pepper spray and then the people and run.

I'm with you!

I don't think shooting a gun would be a good idea... one could get in trouble for that. But the pepper spray is my best friend! Usage - spray the dog to hell... spray the owner too! If you don't spray the owner the same thing is going to happen to someone else! These people don't understand anything else. My neighbor's dog almost killed two other dogs and finally nearly killed a child before it was put down and he, sent to jail.
And another thing... make sure that you're able to afford those accident vet bills. I don't know if you've seen one but in many cases the emergency vet bill can easily go over 2-3K. Friends of mine had to put their dog down because of such a bill. Almost all the time the vet will ask for the money IN ADVANCE before doing anything. That is how they normally operate. If you don't have pet insurance that will come right off your pocket!

Poor thing.

How sad. I hope he is OK. I had two German Shepherds and one, as he became older, became agressive toward other animals, so I had to keep him well away from other animals and even people he didn't know. That sucks, but that's the way it is. If you can't control your animals, you shouldn't have them out in the park.

So sorry...

I hope your dog's okay, James. I'm sorry you had to kick another dog to ensure that. If the owner had been doing her job, you wouldn't have had to.

This is one of my pet peeves, a term I hate to use because it minimizes the real anger involved. My dogs are truly good boys without a mean bone between them, but they don't always respond to voice commands, so they're never off leash outside my fence - and while I'll happily let them sniff another dog, I don't let them get close enough to fight.

I am SO tired of well-meaning dog owners who think their darlings are far better trained than they really are - mostly because they've never really tested them - and who get angry at you for asking why their clearly-not-listening dog isn't under their control in the first place. Their argument is always the same: let dogs be dogs. They'll sort it out.

That's a nice myth. Yeah, they sort it out in the wild all the time, but sometimes they die in the process. And leashes just amplify the anxiety.

We don't put up with neglect in the name of naturalism when it comes to kids. Why do we tolerate it for animals with the capacity to do a lot more damage?

Laura Leslie
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There's a Libertarian object lesson in here somewhere, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Too true

I hope both you and Jack are okay and experience a speedy recovery.

I imagine you are already familiar with these folks, living in this area, but here is the site for the local emergency vet that is open at night just in case Jack needs follow up care whenever:

I think a Libertarian would say

the owners of the vicious dog should pay all vet bills and be absolved of all other legal penalties. Nothing extra for pain and suffering.

Sorry you and Jack had to go through that. I worry about my 2 10 lb. Poms who think they're BIG dogs.

Or more likely

They'd be against having public parks in the first place, along with the leash laws that were obviously ineffective.

But would Libertarians want cops available, slackers working at taxpayer expense, that I could call if needed? Or maybe private protection rackets would be better. I guess I'll need to arm up and take a goon squad with me on my next walk, just in case.

What would be the bill, if god forbid, Jack had been killed? Replacement cost?

Big Pomeranian

I worry about my 2 10 lb. Poms who think they're BIG dogs.

A 210 lb pomeranian?!? What are you feeding that thing?

Actually, I think the Libertarians would have a jury decide. My guess is some sort of restitution to the victims.


Actually Libertarians wouldn't want to pay lawyers and judges, they'd just just send it to arbitration.

Out Of Palinville?

Had I been carrying a handgun in my civic duty to arm America, I would have shot that big dog. Then the man would have shot me. Then my wife would have shot him. Then the woman holding the leash would have shot my wife. She'd get clean away.* James

So Sorry! However start adopting Pet Tigers and watch the walking trail be totaly empty on your walk with the Large Pussy Cat.......A side note! Whenever you are walking your Tiger, beware of any Sara Palin Supporter who will be most likely confuse thinking you are have a stripped Orange Polar Bear who will demand that you show your Polar Bear Licence sign by former 1/2 Governor Palin

Guns do have a place, of course

We do hear about people that are carrying guns that have protected themselves with those weapons when their lives would have been in danger. It is difficult to find those stories for a number of reasons, but they are out there, of course. Guns are not bad. People that misuse guns are bad. Take away the right of regular people to be armed with firearms and we will see those that do manage to secure firearms wreaking havoc over those people that do not have that right.


Do you anyone who wants to take away the right of people to have guns?

I don't, and I'm a flaming liberal nutcase. You're making up windmills to tilt at.

so sorry to hear that

I hope the little guy recovers quickly.

Poor Jack!

I hope he's okay. He's such a sweet little fella.

Years ago I had a sweet Springer Spaniel

trained to point quail. I went hunting with a fellow who had a big German Short Hair pointer that turned out to be vicious. It grabbed my spaniel and I could hear her screaming...and after unsuccessfully trying to pull the dogs apart I kicked the pointer and unwittingly killed it. It was a bad scene.

Hope things turn out well.

Stan Bozarth