Big Brother

Do any of our legal friends who frequent Blue NC have access to an easy primer on FOIA requests?
Are such requests too complicated for regular citizens to make?
What are the odds of bloggers like us being targeted for surveillance by Bush's secret surveillance?
Can I find out if I have an NSA file identifying me as someone to watch and worry about?

There's not much I like about North Carolina these days, but I do think our citizens have a pretty strong resistance to Big Brother sneaking into our lives.

Of course you wouldn't know that from the votes of our miserable Republican representatives in Congress.



A guide

I haven't read this, but it looks useful. And oh, yeah, didn't you know that blogging = terrorism?

A guide?

Don't know if you were linking to or attaching something, but I didn't see anything.



AG question . . .

Could Cooper file some sort of legal something against the President for trampling the civil liberties of North Carolina citizens?

If so, would he?


I already know he wouldn't. Taking on Boy George would not likely get him much support in his race for Governor of Tarheelhell, even if taking such action was his sworn and sacred duty.