Bev's Veto: first of many?

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The Governor's veto really is the last defense against Republican malpractice and misbehavior this session. NCDP Chairman David Parker dishes up a loving spoonful of solidarity for Bev's veto of un-lucky Senate Bill 13 in the hopes that this might turn into a habit.

Because as you and I know, the worst is yet to come. And it's going to take real political courage in some instances to trust that the real majority-- registered Democrats, the folks who can turn a governor with 30 percent popularity into the comeback political wonder of 2012-- are going to see her for the powerhouse she could be and return to fold.


Her use of the veto is one of the only things

...that could make me believe she's worth fighthing for in 2012.

A failure to veto the waste of state money that is House Bill 2 -- that's just not a good way to prove that having a Democrat in the governor's mansion makes a damn bit of difference.


I second that

especially as it comes to the voter suppression bill.