Bev Perdue for Governor

Though most regular BlueNC community members appear to be early voters, I feel compelled to weigh in one last time on the governor's race. Our readership recently has approached 10,000 unique visitors a week, and I know some of those folks are still on the fence. In the past week alone, I have helped three Democrats who were planning a vote for McCrory see the danger of actions. It was as though they had been lulled into a trance, but all it took was a splash of cold water to bring them to their senses.

On green jobs and the environment. Every serious environmentalist I know strongly supports Bev Perdue for governor. The people she has surrounded herself with are exceptional. Which means Perdue will very likely become North Carolina's first green governor. McCrory, on the other hand, is so beholden to Duke Energy that not only will he fail to clear the environmental bar, he will actually lower it. Equally important, the governor names members of the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission, which has significant authority to guide the future of North Carolina energy policy. McCrory would name advocates for Big Energy interests, who want more coal-fired power generation in the midst of our global warming crisis.

On abortion rights.
Given the strong conservative tilt of Democrats in the General Assembly, there is no telling when they'll muster the votes to pass legislation that chips away at abortion rights. If that were to happen, Bev Perdue would veto the bill. McCrory would sign it. If you are a person who believes in women's rights, there is only one choice for governor.

On ethics. Both candidates have promised to clean up government, but I will believe it when I see it. I prefer to look at the evidence, which reveals Pat McCrory hasn't a clue about his role in setting a standard for integrity. Greg Flynn wrote an excellent post about McCrory's conflicts of interest. Scary stuff.

On public education.
Bev Perdue understands the challenges of public education and has taken a measured position on improvement. Pat McCrory wants to turn schools into another opportunity for private companies to profit. If the budget permits, McCrory will push for widespread adoption of vouchers, which would have devastating effects in many struggling counties.

On health care. Along with the environment, this is an area in which Pat McCrory is truly dangerous. He wants to give insurance companies freedom from mandates - which means freedom from actually covering illnesses and tests that aren't profitable for them. This "mandates" mantra is the same song Republicans sang in the banking industry, and we all know how well that worked out.

On Palin porn. Despite his mavericky happy talk, Pat McCrory is a hard-core conservative Republican. That's why Pat McCrory is ga-ga about Sarah Palin, whom he considers a brilliant choice for McCain's vice-president. Meanwhile, roughly 60% of all Americans consider Palin to be unqualified for that job. Like Sarah Palin, Pat McCrory considers global climate change to be in God's hands. If ever there was a case to be made for guilt by association, this is it.

I grant that Lieutenant Governor Perdue has taken stands I find objectionable. Her position on illegal immigration is the same as McCrory's, and they are both out to lunch as far as I'm concerned. The same applies to the death penalty.

But we don't get to choose the candidates we want.

Beverly Perdue is demonstrably more knowledgeable, more capable, and more progressive than Pat McCrory will ever be. I hope you will join this independent voter in casting your ballot for Beverly Perdue.

James Protzman

PS No discussion of gubernatorial candidates would be complete without including Dr. Michael Munger. Mike is a smart cookie, though he is somewhat blinded by the Libertarian flag wrapped around his face. But make no mistake. A vote for Mike Munger in 2008 is like a vote for Ralph Nader in 2000. It accomplishes nothing, and runs the risk of allowing Duke Energy, a radical neo-con a snake-oil salesman to invade the governor's mansion.


This campaign has been a roller-coaster for me

Between the brutal primary and North Carolina's hard slide to the right in the general election, I've been as frustrated as anyone. But at the end of this long slog, there's no question which candidate would support an agenda of environmental responsibility and economic fairness for all. That candidate is Beverly Perdue.

I have to admit,

Bev has made some mistakes during this campaign, that have caused many people to question their previous support of her. McCrory is a master of the red herring, and I think Bev allowed herself to get caught in too many of his little bullshit traps that were designed to pull attention away from his bad policy ideas.

But at their core, her positions and plans for our state are very progressive, and so different from McCrory's they're not even comparable. If any progressive casts his or her vote for McCrory, it will be based on personal feelings as opposed to policy issues, and they will be (maybe unwittingly) working against themselves in the process.

Well said

And if not working against themselves, working against the rest of us who are working for the common good.

Not so fast there, Steve

You cannot speak to what is in another person's head when he or she makes a decision to vote. You may speculate, but to state as fact "If any progressive casts his or her vote for McCrory, it will be based on personal feelings as opposed to policy issues," is just as bad/narrow/wrong/silly as to say that anyone who votes for McCain is a racist or anyone who votes for Obama hates his or her country.

Again with this?

Name one issue where McCrory is more progressive than Perdue and I will name you 10 where she is better.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

No, it's not the same thing

With the possible exception of McCrory's transportation stance, which I have doubts he would consider expanding outside of metro areas, his ideas are regressive. If a progressive votes for McCrory, it's because they like him (in spite of his policies), and/or they dislike Perdue (in spite of her policies). Ergo, personal feelings not based on policy.

And just for the hell of it, you might want to take a look at some of these answers to a questionnaire by McCrory (and Robert Pittenger).

My point remains

. . . that for you to state what another person is thinking (or failing to think about) about when he or she votes is just too simplistic -- especially for you, 'cause ya ain't a simplistic thinker. In other words, you surely know better.

I understand what you're saying, though, when you say it's a personal reaction to the candidate as opposed to the policies he or she has articulated. You are probably right in a great number of cases. There will always be voters who vote based upon a gut instinct instead of familiarity with the issues.

However, I'm not one of those, and neither are multiple longtime Democratic party activists that I have in mind when I tell you that the assumption that the only reason for questioning the party candidate is "personal" is incorrect.

It is personal for the likes of Joe Mavretic

...that towering figure of duplicity in Democratic circles.

As a "insider" you know, or should know, of the factions in the big tent Democratic party. Some of them haven't liked Perdue for over two decades, and they just never will. Their nonsensical dislike of her has nothing to do with policy issues; it is simply personal.

RE: making vast generalizations about the electorate, you're right.

This intra-party feud may hand the GOP the Governorship - just as GOP feuding may hand the Democrats a few other offices/seats.

It's part of politics.



is one of those very interesting characters. Never a dull moment.

I hope you're right about our picking up some more seats. The smear campaign against Hagan and against other candidates (Boseman, for example, in New Hanover county) has been pretty vicious.

Of course, negative campaigns work. That's why you haven't seen the GOP tamp it down despite widescale criticism of Dole's remarks and similar kinds of attacks from Neal Hunt etc.

pssssssst usernamehere

I ain't an "insider," at least not by my definition of the term, which would confer far more clubby connections than I would claim. I'm just one of a lotta people who have been around and involved in Democratic politics for a long time, and who is privileged enough to have a lot of friends who *are* insiders and who don't think I'm full of baloney (or "bulloney," as our host James would put it).

What people who do know me also know is that I care deeply about politics, I'm a believer in the Democratic platform, and I am especially interested in reform from within.

McCrory on "Socialism"

Reading the N&O this AM, I was shocked to see CoyMac compared the minimum wage to socialism. Just when I think he cannot get dumber, he surprises me.

Proud Educated Elitist With a Poison Pen

Proud Educated Elitist With a Poison Pen

Gay Community for Perdue

Perdue is also the only reasonable choice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender North Carolinians. Perdue opposes the anti-gay constitutional amendment and supports anti-bullying and employment non-discrimination legislation inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity. McCrory even opposes basic non-discrimination protections and as mayor opposed allowing a gay pride festival in a city park!

That's why Equality NC PAC endorsed Perdue. Some may remember we suppored Richard Moore in the primary, but there is a clear choice here and we're proud to stand with Beverly Perdue.

Only Reasonable Choice?

Someone hasn't researched all of the candidates it seems. Mike Munger is certainly a reasonable choice for anyone that is concerned about freedom for all.

In this article, James Protzman seems to suggest that we shouldn't vote for Munger even though he has a better stance on illegal immigration and the death penalty than either of the Republicrats. James even says that Munger is blinded by the libertarian flag, but in doing so, reveals that he himself is the one blinded by party loyalty. Yes, voting for Munger is like voting for Nader insofar as it is voting for someone who actually stands for something instead of an empty suit politician.

Loyalty to the Democrat party at the expense of philosophical principle is shameful and unfortunately rampant on this blog. Another smart Mike, Mike Gravel, left the Democrat party for good reason. He saw through the scam, and I hope more Democrats begin to do the same. Go watch a real debate, like the one between Nader and Baldwin, and compare it to the debates put on by your former democratic party chairman in concert with the former republican party chairman (the commission on presidential debates). Stop falling for the lies.

I'm not a Democrat

And if you can't see the difference between Perdue and McCrory then you are the one who is blinded by party loyalty.

Is that true?

Is it not possible that I am unable to see the difference between Perdue and McCrory and at the same time have no party loyalty? Your statement is a non sequitur.

The differences between these two candidates are not only likely to be proven pure rhetoric once one of them takes office, but also pale in comparison to my personal differences with either of them. The similarities between them are the most revealing. Whoever is elected will be taking orders from their party controllers, will succumb to the influence of powerful special interests, will erode North Carolina's sovereignty by submitting to ever-increasing controls from Washington D.C., will attempt to block the liberalization of North Carolina electoral law, and will expand the role of government - violence - in our lives.

To call Munger a blind party loyalist is an absurdity. Libertarians are notoriously disloyal to their own party, even though their party hasn't even had a chance to prove itself to be yet another corrupt political institutition (unlike the Republicans and Democrats, who, ironically, are the home of the vast majority of party loyalists).

Nader is, without any doubt in my mind, a far more progressive candidate than the Democrat party would ever be capable of producing because they are the vanguard of the status quo. This explains why they put up a pro-Israel, Wall-Street funded, Iran fear-mongering, Pakistan war-mongering, Afghanistan expansionist, pro-corporate bailout, domestic surveillance approving charlatan of a Senator for the Presidency, with a man for Vice President who has a disgusting record of promoting domestic spying, serving the interests of the RIAA and lobbying for inhumane drug crime sentencing. If you voted for Nader in 2000, or 2004, I salute you. If you attacked Nader for running - a man who is standing up for what is right - because you didn't like the results, I think you are pathetic.


You've opened my eyes. I don't know what's become of this site with its Democrat-leanings and its support for Democratic candidates over Republicans and {gasp} Libertarians! Why, one would come to think reading this site that the folks who run it support the Democratic Party! You'd come to think that the people writing here think that Democrats would do a much better job running the country than Republicans or {gasp} Libertarians! I just don't know what happened to this place, PurpleNC used to be such a wonderful place for Libertarians to hang out and spread our anti-government, anarchist beliefs.

"You could say, 'Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?' Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain, following Clinton's strikes on al Qaeda camps

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Progressives and Democrat Party Loyalists

Are they the same?

I'm pretty sure you've harped this tune before, but it's never really clear what you're point is. Are you saying I shouldn't post here at all, or just shouldn't disagree with the pro-democrat party slant? Are you saying that because it's just a waste of time, or because it violates some policy? Do you really think I am surprised when people disagree with me?

PS: LOL @ "running the country", cracks me up every time. Is that what they taught you in high school civics?

If y'all had any common sense....

you'd try to work up from the grassroots level. Try to win a couple local elections, try to win some county commissioners, build up a bench.

My point is that you aren't going to convince anyone here to vote for Libertarians. There are progressives, there are democrats, and there are progressive democrats. I would guess that almost everyone here is a progressive democrat. Your welcome to continue dishing your nonsense about Libertarians being the bestest candidates in the whole wide world!!!! But, don't expect anyone to be moved.

"You could say, 'Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?' Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain, following Clinton's strikes on al Qaeda camps

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Mike Gravel is smart?

John McCain has looked more sane and less senile recently.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Gravel and McCain in a normal insane pissing contest on old age?

Mike Gravel is smart and brilliant! * Blue South

Not only is Mike the smartest dude in Alaska, but he is billiant in staying out of the ole age homes unlike McCain who appears to have a mob of Butterfly catchers following him on the campaign trail.

Perdue: The Choice is Clear, Guys

I guess alot of us have been surprised that some 'progressives' are supporting McCrory. Here's the bottom line: a McCrory administration will NOT be friendly to most, if not all, of the issues we progressives care about. Yes, admittedly, McCrory has shown leadership on a few important issues such as public transit. But at his core McCrory is a standard issue Republican. Do we really want to risk having a Republican Governor who will veto progressive bills passed by a Democratically-controlled legislature?

As we navigate through some difficult years ahead, NC needs a Governor who understands the complexity and diversity of our state. Bev Perdue is that person. Is she as progressive as some folks would like? No, but neither was Easley or Jim Hunt. I'm convinced Bev Perdue will be a more activist governor than Easley. Further, I'm convinced that she understands North Carolina is changing, and she'll lead us wisely though prudently.

As progressives, we need to get behind Bev Perdue.

Thanks, Mike

It really steamed me that Mark Chilton, mayor of Carrboro, has been supporting McCrory. I still don't know what got into him ... his explanations just don't make any sense.

Mark Chilton should be ashamed of himself.

Mark Chilton, this is how Pat McCrory thinks of Spanish-speakers in North Carolina:

How would you like to be one of these kids who doesn’t get pregnant, works hard in school, doesn’t join a gang, goes to church on Sunday, but when they go down to the fast food restaurant, they are told we can’t hire you because we need bi-lingual employees.

That's right, "bilingual employees" are pregnant, druggie, murdering, atheist.

You must be so proud Mark Chilton.

"You could say, 'Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?' Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain, following Clinton's strikes on al Qaeda camps

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I can not fathom someone who fancies themselves progressive

supporting McCrory. This just simply boggles my mind. Either they are just completly clueless or they don't know how to tell up from down.

Pat McCrory refuses to sign the US Mayors Agreement on Climate Change because it does not include nukes as a clean energy source. As a mayor whose town has signed this agreement I would have expected more out of Chilton.

Chilton's support of McCrory just does not make sense.

“We are the party of Roosevelt. We are the party of Kennedy. So don't tell me that Democrats won't defend this country. Don't tell me that Democrats won't keep us safe.” ~ Barack Obama

Color Me Stunned

It is difficult for me to fathom a progressive voting for McCrory. Sure, it's their right, but I just don't get it.

Nobody in my "voting bloc" (a group of people I get together with every year to vote absentee because they might not otherwise vote) expressed any doubts about voting Perdue.

The only person of all the people whose votes I know who voted McCrory is my brother, a Republican who lives in Charlotte, and he voted for every Republican on the ticket, except McCain.

So thanks for this post, James. I hope it turns some otherwise disposed voters around. I will make sure to make a point and tell voters who are heading out on Tuesday not to forget about Perdue.

Perdue's campaign finance=corruption

The jaw dropping thing about Bev Perdue is that even though 2 Perdue fundraisers on the Dept. of Transportation board have resigned this year, the last one as recent as September, she still continues to take money from other DOT board members. She promised an office of "transparency" after the last guy had to resign but 4 days later she took more campaign contributions from another DOT board member. She stated in mid-October that she wanted to transform the DOT. But she accepted $17,000 from DOT board members in the last quarter of campaign finance reporting. Does that sound like transparency to you? Does that sound like she is going to clean up corruption in Raleigh or continue to keep the DOT in her back pocket and appoint her fundraisers to the board?

McCrory campaign finance = Duke Energy

An examination of Pat McCrory's campaign finance reports shows that he has received $45,150 from Duke Energy sources since the beginning of July 2008. This brings the total in contributions from Duke Energy sources to his campaign for Governor to $134,765 making it a grand total of $151,520 from Duke Energy and affiliated sources throughout his political career.

McCrory still will not disclose the full extent of his financial relationship with Duke Energy and related businesses. Sound like transparency to you?

According to Dome, Pearce calls it for Perdue

I haven't found a new comment at TAP from Pearce, but I assume that he's preparing something, since Dome is reporting that he has written to Dome that he thinks we're going to win all three races (that is, Obama, Hagan and Perdue).

Early voting numbers are huge for Perdue.

If it pours tomorrow that could decrease voter turnout, but many of ours have already voted. In our precinct, we have turned out 84% of our targeted voters ALREADY!!!

"You could say, 'Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?' Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain, following Clinton's strikes on al Qaeda camps

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I am voting for her, but...

I am not particularly comfortable with her. As a Charlottean, I resent her trashing Charlotte in the eastern part of the state. There is something very unlikeable about her and I will be "holding my nose" when I cast my ballot.

Munger is not a true political friend to the gay community

If he was, he wouldn't pander to the LGBT community by shouting that he supports marriage equality when he knows (or should know as a poli sci professor) that the Governor has nothing to do with marriage. If he really cares about marriage, run for the legislature.

He only panders to any constituency to acheive his goal of 2% in the election for his political ends. He is no less a pandering politician than anyone else running for Governor.

It is absurd that anyone would think Munger is a better choice than Perdue on LGBT issues when only Munger and McCrory responded to the NC Family Policy Council's questionnaire which is loaded with anti-LGBT crap.

Only Perdue (of the 3 gubernatorial candidates) ignored the NC Family Policy Council. Good for her.


We kick the crap out of the them by 98 points?

He only panders to any constituency to acheive his goal of 2% in the election for his political ends. He is no less a pandering politician than anyone else running for Governor.*username

In sports, if one team is out front with a 98 point lead, it is consider a slaughter and the game is stopped for humanity reasons.

Mike and the Libs have got alot to learn on what is it takes to win instead of these paper tiger victorys on paper and the typical smoke and mirrors bullshit grammer school tactics in the big leaques of politics.

Very Sad!

Perdue's last minute anti-immigrant ads

I haven't seen it -- just read about it on the Dome. It sure READS nasty.

Is she trying to compete with Liddy Dole for raunchy ads?

I realize the race is close, but weren't they starting to get good news lately? Is this a matter of just leaving nothing to chance? It's a little hard to point fingers at the GOP's desperation measures when Perdue is running these.

Making sure Bev wins

Obviously that's the idea behind Perdue's two, late-in-the-game anti-immigrant ads.

It is what happens in tight races, but does it mean nothing more?

::crickets chirping:: here in response to the news.

Dome has audio.