Bernard Allen to BlueNC: I'm in the race for Senate 14

I wanted to stop by and let everybody here at BlueNC know that I am in the race to replace Senator Vernon Malone in the NC Senate. Thanks for letting me share my ideas with you. For more info see my website at

I am committed to improving the lives of everyone who lives in our state. Through hard work, listening to citizens, and honest dialogue, we can make a difference in the state Senate! I have a vision of hope for the future of Eastern Wake County. I have been a long time advocate for better health care, a living wage, and quality public education for all people.

We all know of the outstanding accomplishments that Senator Vernon Malone made to advance his agenda of hope and progress for all of North Carolina, especially Wake County. My heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and friends. I was deeply saddened to learn of his sudden death. Much like the death of my own father, it came prematurely--his work was not yet done. I am humbled to be part of a new generation who will have the awesome responsibility to carry on the massive job of continuing the fight for important causes that heroes like Senator Vernon Malone and my father championed: quality public education for all citizens; a living wage; equality and justice for minorities and women; and effective representation for our community. He will be dearly missed by all who live in our state.

As we all know, our state is in a crisis right now. Unemployment is over 10%, and one out of every four North Carolinians does not have health care. Together we can find solutions to these problems and move forward.

I support a living wage for every citizen. Many of the problems facing our community and our state would be solved if everyone was able to earn enough to support their family with one job. When I was growing up parents were able to work a job and come home at 5, ready to help with homework and make sure their children stayed out of trouble. That is not the case anymore. As your State Senator I will push for a living wage for all employees, especially State Employees and Teachers. I believe that we must tie both state salaries and the minimum wage to inflation, and make sure that working families do not have to wait on the legislature to find the money when the price of food goes up.

I support a quality education for every child. Senator Malone was a fierce advocate for our children, no matter what elected office he held. I promise to bring that same passion to the issue, and continue his great work. I am the product of Wake County Public Schools, a proud graduate of Enloe High School and St. Augustine's College. My father was a teacher, and worked for NCAE. My mother was a teacher's assistant. My extended family is full of teachers who have spent their lives as educators. When my son attended Bugg Elementary I was PTA President, where I began a program that brings parents, teachers and the business community together in ensuring that every child is able to pass the End of Grade Tests. I was PTA President again when my son attended Carnage Middle, and I am President of a parent organization at Southeast Raleigh High School, where he is finishing his junior year.

I support affordable health care for everyone. This current economic crisis has made worse a problem that most people have faced for years. We must find new and innovative solutions to make sure that everyone is able to afford health care. The biggest reason the amount of people without health care has skyrocketed since September of last year is that when people lose their jobs they lose or can't afford to keep their health care. We must start seriously addressing this problem in North Carolina. We cannot afford to wait on the federal government.

Please support me in my effort to win this seat. The special election by the Wake Democratic Party will be on May 6. Until then I will be campaigning to share my ideas and offer my leadership. Contact me at (919) 272-0599 to get involved! Thanks again.


Thanks, Bernard

Thank you for sharing your plans with us. Hope you'll be able to join us at the BlueNC bash on May 2nd.