Bend Over Boys

It's time to kiss your asses goodbye. Russia has already said it will side with China On UN Security Council. Now we find out they passed our Iraq war plans to Iraq.

Didn't the chimpster in chief say something about looking into Putin's eyes and seeing his soul...or some crap like that? He has to be the single worst judge of character I've ever witnessed.

Just how much do we owe China? Anybody want to guess just how long before Russia and China are laughing over how they've pretty much emasculated our government. George W. Bush is the biggest dumbass on the earth.

Hat tip to Kirby in FDL comments.


They're already laughing.

When you let the dumbest asshole on the block run your country for five years, you can pretty much expect everything to turn out fucked up. George Bush has already carved his legacy in stone: Worst President Ever. But knowing that history will judge him an incompetent fool doesn't help all that much. Which is why I am obsessed with the November 7th elections. WE HAVE TO DUMP TAYLOR AND HAYES.

Southern Dem, Whatcha Expect!

To begin with, Vladimir Putin is a ex- KGB agent! Hey, Mabie he is who Charles Taylor owns the bank with!!!HUUMMM!
I would in all say (CUSE ME FRANCH) They are already been laughing at Bushy boy ofer warm vodka on snowing nights as not being a big asshole ,but the biggest asshole in the whole world! He a bigger asshole than the Goodyear blimp!

Putin also served in the ultra secret (or at least it used to be) Soviet Neculear Missile Program on Subs. I am willing to bet good money he didnt destroy all of his SSN's and they are setting in Chinese water and his land based ICBMS too. Of course I dont know who the biggest liar is, him or Bush. Probally running neck & neck!

Oy yea, One more thing!

Dang, I about forgot this Dem! When I was in the military we had a term for just this type of issue. When we saw the brass comming someone would yell out! BOHICA! SOMEBODY SNAFUed AGAIN AND WE ARE ALL FUBARED TA HECK & BACK!

Spooky - warn me next time...

I just sprayed my keyboard with coffee....You are funny tonight!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.