I have a website that needs to go up before Tuesday, but my ability to do so is limited by, well, by me. I am not very good at website developement, and very self concious about what I can do. So, I am begging for help.

I have the domain and all that stuff all ready. Much of the content is either ready, or can be ready quickly. But I need help moving it from Word/my brain to the world wide web.

Private message me if you can be of service.

PS- I pay in thank yous, and possibly cookies or a beer if you are in the triangle.


Good begging!

Well done . . . I wish I could help you, but I still can't figure out how to makes lists in a blog post.

Good luck.



I am sure most of you are probably perplexed by this. Dont worry. As Shakespear (i think?) said, "All will out"

"Keep the Faith"

So you're going with the website

They don't have Dreamweaver in your fancy NCSU computer labs? Or even Frontpage?

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they do

its just very very annoying to try and access them.

"Keep the Faith"


Don't use Front Page. Check out Mambo for a fairly simple WYSIWYG program that won't throw additional characters into your webpage (like Front Page does.)

I have found that it works a lot better through IE than it does through Firefox, for some reason. It maybe the version of Firefox that I'm using. Don't know. We use this at work, and use it for our Moore County Dems site. It's a pretty simple thing, and it's free. Templates are available (also free)if you don't have mad design skilz.

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