The Insider is reporting that prosecutors say the mystery donor who loaned Jim Black $500,000 was Don Beason.


Dome, Binker

From the site, a partial list of clients:

* AT&T Wireless
* Albemarle Mental Health Centers
* Barr Laboratories
* BB&T Financial
* BellSouth
* Bombardier
* Canadair
* Catawba County
* Charlotte Regional Partnership
* Cingular Wireless
* City of Hickory
* Colonial Insurance Company
* Dale Earnhardt, Inc.
* Distilled Spirits Council of the United States
* Ernst & Young
* Film Production Alliance
* First Union Corporation
* League of Landscape Architects
* Maple Leaf Sports, Inc.
* Microelectronics Center (MCNC)
* National Institute for Statistical Sciences
* North Carolina Association of Health Plans
* North Carolina Motorcycle Dealers Association
* North Carolina Natural Gas Company
* North Carolina Propane Gas Association
* North Carolina Railroad Company
* North Carolina Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association
* North Carolina Restaurant Association
* Ovations
* Primary Health Care Association
* Printing Industry of NC
* Progress Energy
* S & M Brands
* Special Olympics World Games
* Unisys Corporation
* United Health Group
* United States Corrections Corporation


Beason Who? Never heard of him!

looks like they may be finding another lobbyist.* A

More like about 100 former clients or rats jumping the sinking ship of Corporate Corruption. Hell, he makes Jack Abramsoff look like a small time piker.....

Progress Energy

already got what they wanted in the energy efficiency bill. They are as happy as a pig in a smelly mud-like substance.

they'll just

get another rat. Won't they? I mean, I have trouble believing Black is an isolated case.