Bad Texas: Let's opensource High School History Curricula once and for all

Here's a silver bullet solution to right wing (or left wing) propagandists trying to push political agenda's in high school curricula.

Let's find a way to opensource the stuff. All we need is one excellent online source of American History produced by the top experts in the field. It can include everything from history, including the messy stuff. Wherever there is controversy, cover both sides thoroughly and let students decide for themselves what to believe.

Why this works so well:

First, text books are expensive. Schools and taxpayers would save millions, if not tens of millions by finding all the material they need online. Less books for students to lug around or lose.

Second, less pollution/waste in terms of printing. Publishers may hate this but hey, our education system is more important than publisher profits.

Third, Publishers are having to tailor text books to the most squeamish and conservative among us. Censorship must not stand and opensourcing it may be the best way to defeat censorship. Why would anyone be afraid of a central credible source like a "" or some site where educators and students can really get great historical information.

Fourth, aren't we all tired of valuable political atmosphere being taken up with petty fights over a few sentences here and there in textbooks. Let's fix this fight once and for all.

Do we just need a source of funding to pay these historians to write it? Or would they do it for free? Clearly education leaders and civil libertarians and others have a vested interest in this so what would it take to launch a Wikipedia-style high school history curriculum on the web by 2012.

Texas should not be allowed to slow and dumb down the educational system for so many other Americans. We must do something.