Backlash against Foxx's Immigration Onslaught

J.W. Williamson at Watauga Watch has an interesting catch on businesses that want the illegal immigrants here to work:

The Christmas tree industry has let out its first peep against Madame Virginia Foxx's efforts to decimate its workforce with her war on Latino immigration. A letter to the editor (scroll down) published in Friday's paper from Patricia Gaskin, legislative chairwoman of the National Christmas Tree Asssociation, is only the opening salvo in what could become a most interesting exchange of views: "...the Enforcement bill that Rep. Foxx so proudly sponsors will leave agriculture and small businesses with nothing."

The perceived necessity for populist racism collides with business. Been waiting for that convergence!

Link to letter is here




John Gibson said it was the liberals who were waging the War on Christmas!


I have no problem with tackling the issues created by the numbers of illegal immigrants flooding NC. I do have a problem with throwing them out on the streets with no proper identification, no jobs, no homes, no cars, no insurance....get the picture? Until we can figure out a way to repatriate illegal immigrants in a humane way and safely close the borders, then we need to be prepared to allow them to live safely here. I hesitate to rip out the race card so casually. I think it's political posturing at its worst. The GOP candidates are fighting to align their base along any issue other than the war. It looks like illegal immigration has the nod this election cycle.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And if

illegal immigration doesn't stick, it'll be gay marriage or the war on god. These people have no shame in their willingness to divide our citizens and undermine the common good.