Attn: Lance, Screwy, Syntax . . .




Ive got IE 7 Beta for a browser right now. Im gonna have to go to something else. Too many probs. Which do ypu think is better, Foxfire or Opera or is there one I dont know about!





I'm a big firefox fan

IE7 is really just a klunky version of firefox, is my opinion.


Thanks My Brothers!

Got er Done!

Got Firefox installed, Likeing it pretty good. Will explore later as I got to go pass ut awards at a Boy Scout Metting.


Only wingers use IE!

But remember,

Firefox doesn't always work at a website. Occasionally I have to fire up my IE and then my security system goes haywire.

MSN hotmail didn't work at all with Firefox (which turned out to be a good thing)

You goofnuggets!

Just install the IE Tab Extension, which adds a little icon down in the status bar that you can click to turn Firefox into IE (temporarily, of course).

I apologize for the language; I just get so worked up sometimes....

Meanie Man

I'm just ig'nernt. What IS a goofnugget, anyway?

Someone who doesn't spent all of their life fussing with tab extensions and gmail instant messaging and html image uploads and sticky somethings. Now I'M getting all worked up and it's all your fault.

Stop it! JUST STOP IT!


My dear departed Grandmother used to say that

all the time. "Now we're cooking with gas." I love that saying. She was a grand old dame. Mean as a snake if you crossed her, but the epitome of the genteel southern church-going lady otherwise.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

what's greasemonkey?

and the IE tab thing is useless. And lance is studying so I'll just suffer in my ignorance for a while

I'm actually on my way to bed;

I'm alarmed to hear that the IE Tab thing didn't work for you guys. If the two of you would be willing to post your experience (firefox version, IE Tab install process, error messages if any) here, I'll take a look at it tomorrow and see if I can help. I find the extension handy.

Also, greasemonkey is cool.

Check it out here. The idea is sort of technical, but if wade on through and get it working, I'll bet you'll find lots of handy gm scripts to enhance pages you visit regularly.


There is a Kos one that gets rid of ads and widens to fit your screen.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

We have got to stop

meeting like this. Anglico, help my prose. It's a bit hackneyed. And I think Lance needs some editing if he really wants to make it in the romance writing field. All caps is just way over the top. No subtlety.

Hey ...I have a Idea!!!!

You know the tv show ,That 70s show? We could do a series outta Blue NC & Computer woes!