Attention Vernon Robinson: the internet never forgets (and I'm not crazy).

I saw this article in the Winston-Salem Journal today and quickly realized I was involved in the story. I find it very funny to see a Republican foe of Vernon Robinson using an old BlueNC post of mine to attack him. Vernon Robinson is currently running in the Republican primary for the 8th District congressional seat, the 3rd congressional seat he's been a candidate for.

I've had a hard time convincing people Vernon Robinson was really canvassing for Obama on primary day in Rock Hill, South Carolina in January 2008. I still beat myself up for not taking any pictures of him that day, but as you can tell, Vernon is now readily admitting I was right all along.


Critical ideological flaw of Republicans

From the comments in the Journal piece:

Vernon and I and thousands of other Republicans went back and forth supporting which ever Democrat was weaker between Obama and Clinton to split the Democrat party and increase the tension in that party...

Having worked for the campaigns of both men in the past I can tell anyone that is interested in knowing which one is trustworthy and selflessly dedicated to a fault to the Conservative principles this country was founded on, and that is Vernon Robinson, he is and always has been the most conservative guy in the room.

Yep, that's right. This Republican lady defends Vernon Robinson by admitting (bragging?) that he, she, and many others in their Party engaged in deceit and misrepresentation to further their political goals. Then, in the next breath, tries to convince readers Robinson is "trustworthy".

The fact that she (and way too many of her fellow Republicans) can't see the glaring contradiction in those two positions is just one more piece of evidence they have no business getting anywhere near the creation of public policy.

What I don't understand is,

the rank and file who consistently pull the lever for Republican candidates must know a lot of what they're fed is a load of crap. They know there isn't a concerted effort by illegal aliens to vote, and they know allowing gays to marry wouldn't be a threat to marriage, and they know slashing budgets (especially education and health services) will have a horrible impact on our society.

But they keep pulling the lever anyway. The only reason I can think of is: It's a great outlet for releasing anger. And that is truly sad.

Psst. By the way,

I'm pretty sure your old BlueNC post isn't just a footnote to the story. The story wouldn't have happened without it.

And you're right, the Internet doesn't forget. Blogging is a great way to inform and disseminate that information, but it also ensures that stuff is placed in the (permanent) public record. Which is beyond cool.

You may not be crazy ...

... but Vernon Robinson sure as hell is.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?