Assistance needed testing new feature

Hi folks, hopefully a few of you have some time in the next several hours to help me test a new feature at Democratic Muse. Once the email addresses for newspapers are added, registered users will be able to send letters to the editors of just about every newspaper in the state with just a few keystrokes and a few clicks. As of now, I've listed three of my email addresses so I can verify the emails are sent out individually.

How will it work? Basically it will allow any registered user to write a letter to the editor once and send it out to every paper they chose. Each email is sent individually by the system, so the editors do not see they are actually among a group receiving the email. If you want to send letters out statewide and want to modify them for different papers, that's fine. You may use the form as many times as you like.

The editor does not see the email is coming from Democratic Muse. It will have your email address and contact information. This is one reason I have chosen not to open this feature up to anonymous users. The system(Drupal) will verify the validity of email addresses given by registered users.

Can you link to the service from your site and give your readers an LTE template to follow? Of course. I will often do that here at BlueNC. When we are running campaigns from BlueNC I can set the LTE form up to redirect the user back to BlueNC once the form is filled out.

Years back, James and I (and a few others as well) had a great deal of luck getting letters printed in papers across the state. It took a little more effort going from site to site. Hopefully, this feature will make it easier fora variety of voices to show up on the editorial pages.

Eventually, there will be a full "Take Action" page where you can create petitions, write your Senators and Representatives and send out letters to the editor. For now, I just need a little help testing the LTE form before I move on to the next project.

Thank you!

LTE form



You, you, you ... you ... housewife ... you.


That's a great feature

I often have enough to say in a LTE but find it gets less important to me if I have to find the right place to send it.

That's what I'm hoping for

If all someone has to do is check off their preferred publications and jot down a few sentences they might be more likely to send out those letters.

I know it sounds lazy, but if I have to jump through too many hoops to send out that letter, it isn't going out.

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