Asheville's Economy Doing Well

Says the Asheville Citizen-Times and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.
Hmmmm. Really?
What a news lead. What's next?
Sky is blue. Grass is green. Mountains are steep. Water runs downhill.
Wait, they actually had the last two. I guess the others are just too obvious.
Okay, let's see...

This year, James F. Smith, the new chief economist for Parsec Financial and a noted national forecaster, joined the program at the Diana Wortham Theatre, offering his take on the national and international economies.

Bucking the conventional wisdom of other forecasters, Smith continues to predict a short recession, which may have already started this month

May have started? Did it or not? I thought you were a "noted national forecaster." And what, sir, happens to tourism during these "downturns?"
And what, sir, is Asheville's only truly thriving industry?

I call shenanigans.

Big time.

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