Arming Insurgents!!!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Of course, Bush's strategy does not do much to create a stable democratic government in Iraq, seeing that he is arming people who want the government to be overthrown. Has our situation in Iraq gotten so desperate that we have decided to arm groups which have ties to Al Quaida?

With Turkish troops entering the North of Iraq, a Shiite led government in control, and now the United States arming Sunni groups, what was once a low grade Iraqi Civil War is threatening to become an all out regional war between the different factions of Islam with the United States caught right in the middle.

The best thing the United States can do now to create a stable Iraq is a quick withdrawal. If our best option is to arm governmental opposition groups, it is clear that we are not going to accomplish anything more.


You'd think we'd learn

after all the times arming bad guys has come back to haunt us (ahem . . . Saddam Hussein, for example), you'd think the lunatics running military operations would have learned.


the same people running the operations now are the same people that gave Sadaam weapons. They are the same people that armed Bin Laden. They are the same people who gave Iran weapons. They are the same people who gave Columbians the right to sell cocaine in America.

Need I go on?

Why should we expect these people to change?

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