Are you in?

This is a call for progressives everywhere to Occupy Americans for Prosperity and their so-called Conservative "Leadership" Conference on March 2nd and 3rd. It's an early skirmish in the battle for the heart and soul of North Carolina - a time to show our strength.

Via email from AFP:

We strongly encourage you to attend the Civitas Institute’s 2012 Conservative Leadership Conference: Battleground North Carolina on March 2-3 at the Marriott Crabtree Valley in Raleigh. Get educated, activated and motivated at Civitas' Battleground North Carolina conference and be prepared to defeat the liberal policy agenda in 2012!

Speakers include: Charles Krauthammer, columnist and political commentator; Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute; Jason Lewis, nationally syndicated radio host; and Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State.


Are you in?

  • Are you in?
  • Will you commit to joining this action?
  • Will you put the resources of your organization behind this effort?
  • How many people can you deliver to the Marriott on March 2nd and 3rd?
  • What should be our goal? A hundred progressive people? A thousand?

AFP represents the black heart of the Tea Party extremists in North Carolina, and they are bringing in a bunch of pundits who want America to revert to the middle ages, where poor people are nothing but interchangeable stones in the castle walls around rich people, and planning for shared future is nothing but conspiracy theory.

And they'll need it

if we rise to the occasion.

So answer me this all you progressive organizations out there: Who's going to make this happen?

Focus on fielding a team maybe?

Brother Protzman: I've learned to respect you and grown to admire you in recent years but this is way off base. The Democratic Party in this state is running like scalded dogs from legislative races and pushing this type of aggressive move is not going to resonate with the people in the middle who have turned to the NCGOP in droves after years of Hunt, Easley, Black and Basnight.

The current right is going to run amuck, we all know that. There will need to be people in the Democratic Party who can make a rational case to counter the power of Berger and Tillis or they will rule the roost for a long, long time.

We need conversation and debate. Occupying CLC isn't going to resonate with the voters of NC any more than demonizing Pope has.

Offered respectfully.

You're probably right

I appreciate your thoughtful words, and you're probably right about priorities. But I'm not running for office and I'm not a Democrat and I have nothing to do with fielding a team. I just call bullshit when I see it, and the takeover of our government by the Destructors working for AFP and Civitas certainly qualifies.

Special offer

I will reimburse the admission fee of up to $50 per person for individuals who want to attend the Friday and/or Saturday "training" sessions at this event. Just go online and sign up.

Progressives are the true conservatives in North Carolina. If this meeting is going to be about conservative leadership, progressives should be there.

Hey James...

will you pay for mine too? It looks like it will be a very positive event.

If you do go

If you do go, please be the conservative voice for why putting a DOMA type amendment into our constitution isn't a truly conservative position. Because the amendment is definitely on the agenda I saw for the event.

Not a chance

I'm paying for true conservatives to attend.

Your positions (as indicated by posts on BlueNC) that call for (1) interfering with women's freedoms and (2) destroying the environment in search for more fossil fuel ... are not conservative by any stretch. Sorry man. No can do.

That's ok.....

I was just kidding anyway. Don't forget about newborn children's freedom to live and your idea of building wind turbines that destroy birds. You aren't conservative either.

No one wants to abort newborns, Frank

Don't be a dumbass.

And to your point about risk, don't be a dumbass there either. Every choice comes with risks and the measure of enlightenment is in weighing them against one another. I'll take the risk of some seabirds dying over the risk of North Carolina's groundwater being polluted with fracking chemicals any day.


PS I'm curious as to what branch of the military you served in, and for how long.

Yeah they never get the chance to be newborn.

Who speaks up for them and their rights? What about the rights of the fathers? It's not just the mothers who have rights.

The fracking process can be done safely without contamination of ground water. Birds will be guaranteed death around the wind turbines.

I was in the Army for 4 years and the NC Army Guard for 24 years. I miss it. I truly enjoyed my time in the military.

Rights of fathers?

What about when the father is a rapist? Or when the father is actually THE father of the girl who is pregnant?

Are you against contraception, Frank?

Sperm are living things, just like eggs. Do you believe the government should ensure that every sperm gets to live a full and happy life?

You are wrong about fracking, Frank. But I tell you what. I'll buy you a house in the middle of nowhere ... on well water ... and then we'll let the frackers move in and drill a well 50 yards away. All you have to do is promise you'll never move and never bring in water from another source.

A free house! Plus you'll be dead in five years. What could be better than that?

Leftist zombies

What a bunch of nuts on this site.

And Proud of It!

Embrace the label friends, the line between genius and insanity blurs a but more every day.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Civitas push-back

Via e-mail, about twenty minutes before dumbass above posted his zombie comment:

They will Be There... Will You
My fellow conservatives,

Liberal Occupiers are signing up for the Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC)...

I learned this week that a far-left, ultra-liberal website, "Blue NC", is attacking this year's CLC. And, the owner of the website is even offering to pay protesters who want to "Occupy" the conference!

Here is what they are saying on the Blue NC website:

"This is a call for progressives everywhere to Occupy the so-called Conservative "Leadership" Conference on March 2nd and 3rd. It's an early skirmish in the battle for the heart and soul of North Carolina - a time to show our strength."


"They will have a ton of security...and they'll need it - if we rise to the occasion"

The poster even goes on to say...

"I will reimburse the tuition (up to $50 per person) for individuals who want to attend the Friday and/or Saturday "training" sessions at this event."
We're calling the CLC "Battleground North Carolina" for a reason: In this election year, we face greater threats to our Liberty than ever before!

This conference will train, energize, and equip conservatives (and liberals) for the battle ahead!

When liberals attack Civitas, you can be sure that they are worried!

And when Civitas finds itself forced to acknowledge the presence of BlueNC just to sell more tickets, you can be sure they are worried, too.

No marketing degree needed

... to see right through their fear.

And when Civitas finds itself forced to acknowledge the presence of BlueNC just to sell more tickets, you can be sure they are worried, too

Absolutely correct.


Not sure why you call yourselves "Progressives"

...if your policy is to strike fear and use 'Nazi'-istic style tactics to silence anyone and any group who has an opinion that is slightly different from yours. Seriously, this is a public event that people are paying their hard-earned money, which might I remind you is getting harder and harder to come by today, and you are publicly asking people to go, disrupt, and ruin another person's experience, and waste other people's hard-earned money. If you ask me, that kind of Gestapo thinking of silencing any dissenting opinion is the dark ages.

Double Godwin's law winner!

If only you had mentioned one more Nazi term, you would have made the hat trick.

As it stands, enjoy your double play!


another silly idea by Mr. Protzman

Criticize their agenda all you want, as it is indeed terrible and regressive. Call a press conference (at a neutral location), use forums, blogs, letters to the editor, TV interviews, whatever. But all this occupy BS will do is give them MORE publicity. Ignore the event and focus on the agenda. We have seen what a flop the whole "Occupy" BS has been and the damage it has done with all the filth and silly "Masturbate for Peace" stunts. I know many of the folks are sincere but there are always bad apples on the far left who hijack these "movements." One stupid stunt at this event will set us back again.

The event is the agenda

It's important that people see what's going on at these events, even though I personally would rather have a root canal than sit through a lecture from Civitas about democracy.

The event is billed as a meeting for people who want to know about conservative leadership as it relates to the elections coming this year. I believe progressives are the true conservatives in North Carolina right now, so why shouldn't they attend?

If you don't want to go, don't sign up. No one is twisting your arm.

That said, what's your plan to fight the takeover of North Carolina government by Art Pope's storm troopers? Let me know when you have that press conference scheduled and I'll see if I can stop by.

Hey all you AFP guys!

Golly, thanks for all the traffic this week. Glad to see we're helping you turn out the faithful for the conference.

Just to be clear, no one I know of is planning to disrupt your party. No need to worry. In fact, I haven't been able to find a single person so far who would want to waste a beautiful Saturday sitting inside a hotel room with you all.

False alarm. Have fun ... and try not to screw up North Carolina too much with all your power tripping.

Pretty please?

there are channels

Blue NC is one that can spread the word. There are columnists, institutes, others with standing who can educate people. you know, democracy with all its faults.

If indeed everyone attending this event are just going to behave themselves and listen, as well as offering polite (if pointed) comments and questions, fine. But I doubt it. "Occupy" to me means cause problems by shouting speakers down, sitting in the aisles, etc. which you of course want. I remember your cheering when SDS shouted down Tancredo and generally acted like children.

And why in the world do you want to give $50 per head to this group? Why not take $5000 and organize your own conference and let folks attend for free or for a nominal sum? I'm sure you could get a cheap venue and find presenters and speakers to come for no charge. Presenting a counter agenda seems to me a much better idea than just criticizing the agenda of Civitas.

I do that every day, Paul

Presenting a counter agenda seems to me a much better idea than just criticizing the agenda of Civitas.

Of course, I also work for a living and am putting my daughter through college and ... you get the idea.

In the meantime, as I said above, feel free to organize and event at a cheap venue and find presenters to come for no charge, etc., etc., and drum up attendees too. Okay? I'll help. Just ask.


PS Just to say it, you have no idea what I want when it comes to attendance at this event other than what I've said publicly. I want people to understand what these people are up to and how undemocratic their corporate agenda really is.

If you put up the money, I will help you organize it

As far as what you want to happen at the conference, your statement that they will need tight security kind of tips me off as to what you want to happen there as of course does your call to "occupy" the event, so don't be "cute."

As far as a conference presenting a different agenda, if you want to pay for it, I will certainly help find a venue, speakers, write press releases to promote it, help find other volunteers, etc. I just don't have any money to put in and it appears you do. But if your agenda simply includes calling Art Pope and his group "storm troopers" etc. and trashing their agenda without promoting a workable counter-agenda that can attract independent voters, libertarians, etc. I not interested.

I'm not looking for help to plan an event

You're the one who proposed an event, not me. I know from lots of experience how much work they can be ... and I have no interest in starting something from scratch. If you think you can pull it off, by all means, go for it ... and let me know what you need.

I've been writing here at BlueNC for six years, and my agenda around protecting the environment, protecting the right to vote, protecting a woman's right to choose, and preserving democracy is clear as a bell. You might want to spend a bit of time reading the nearly 4000 posts I've written before commenting too confidently about what you think I'm trying to do or not do.

Paul, Americans For Prosperity

has bused radical Tea Partiers into cities and towns across the state (and the country) to demonstrate outside the offices of Democratic Senators/Representatives, and very likely engineered the disruption of numerous Town Hall events. Their rhetoric has brought fringe elements right to the brink of violence, and their policies (which are being implemented daily) have brought even more suffering to thousands who were already suffering.

And while all of that's been going on, the architects of all those problems have sat back wearing the veneer (shield?) of gentile, intellectual Libertarianism.

Well you know what? If you do ugly things, you need to be treated ugly. It's called karma.

so two wrongs make a right?

Or, to put it another way, do we want to stoop to their level?

If it was just me

that was being negatively impacted by their behavior, I'd say "No, I won't stoop to their level."

But it's not just me. Women, minorities, LGBT citizens, the unemployed, those on Medicaid, and the list goes on and on. And yes, even the Tea Partiers who have been duped into supporting the policies of the 1%. Pope and the Koch brothers have been waging war on all those people for years, and now they're winning that war.

The rules are changing, man. With the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court stuffed a (silk) sock into our mouths, and maintaining decorum may no longer be a viable defense of our Democracy.

Believe me, I don't like radicalism. I've never been a sign-waver, or a shouter, or a chain-myself-to-a-tree environmentalist. Hell, I don't even complain if my waitress brings me the wrong food. I just eat it.

But the crap the GOP is trying to put on the table is simply not edible, and some crockery might get broken in the process of sending it back to the kitchen.

History is repeating itself as another Gilded Age comes

into being. It took men and women in the streets to gain basic human rights a century ago. Union members fought and died for labor rights. Women rallied for the right to vote.
Sometimes the weak must get in the face of the powerful 'cuz power is what the current crop of post neo-con conservative plutarchists understand. Playing nice just doesn't work in every situation.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Please explain to me then...

why you think they will need a "ton of security"..."if we rise to the occasion," in addition to billing this as an "occupy" event. I smell mendacity here.

You say mendacity

I smell misdirection.

It wouldn't break my heart if they spent a boatload of time preparing for something that never materialized.

Wait a minute

All I'm suggesting with this offer is that true conservatives (i.e, progressives) attend this important meeting in large numbers and find out what kind of kool-aid Civitas is dispensing. It is a good opportunity to understand the motives of those who would destroy the heart and soul of our state.

The worry about disruption is not one I share. That worry is the result of Paul's concern that "occupy" is a code word for "the sky is falling."

Lighten up, folks.

Red Cool Aid eh? Well that would explain a lot ...

Common [reactions] .... to red 40 dye .... include severe temper tantrums, fidgeting, aggression, inability to focus, and nervousness.

From here.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

I wish you luck, and I mean it

I'm not going to continue to beat a dead horse. I really question how effective this tactic will be in raising awareness about how awful their agenda is for the vast majority of North Carolinians, but it is awful so I do hope I am wrong and some good comes out of your action.


I appreciate the sentiment. I don't know if such tactics have any value or not. All I know is that whatever Democrats have been doing to combat the rise of corporate power in North Carolina hasn't worked in the slightest.