Appalachian Voices blog Up and Running!!!

The new Appalachian Voices blog is shoving off today across the great Southern American blogosphere!

As we embark on this journey I invite you to join us for Mountain Oyesters and barbeque, sweet tea and moonshine, Smokey Mountains and Clean Smokestacks!

The Appalachian region has traditionally been more in need of Democrats and progressive leaders than any region in the country. We are victims of some of the highest poverty in the country, some of the worst air and water quality, some of the highest unemployment, lowest median family incomes, and highest mortality rates during wartime.

And now our mountains - our very homes - the things we love most - are being destroyed by mountaintop removal coal-mining.

We are being exploited over and over and over again until our people and our mountains are gone. Please take a look around the new Appalachian Voices blog learn something about us, join us on the interactive porch, and keep on comin back with feedback, input, news, views, (and feet-with-no-shoes?), and we'll hopefully be seing you early and often!

Best wishes :)


Thanks everyone

For what you do for our state!

Thanks Robert!

Anything in particular lacking or standing out?

I was hoping the calendar

would be working. My wife and I are always looking for an excuse to go out west.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.