An Apology for Amendment 1

As a Libertarian, I don't believe in collective guilt or responsibility. It is individuals that act and they deserve the blame or credit for their actions. However, after the disappointing results of the Amendment One vote, I find myself wanting to apologize to the LGBT community and everybody who will be affected by this amendment on behalf of North Carolina.

That is not right.

One person cannot apologize for another. Plus, that would be ignoring an important fact about this fight - many people voted against this horrible initiative and still others worked very hard to defeat this amendment (canvassing, calling, speaking in public, writing op-eds, educating, etc) and they have nothing to apologize for. While I won't apologize for other people, I will apologize for myself. That I CAN do.

I apologize that I didn't walk up to 5 more house while canvassing or call 3 more numbers while phone banking.

I apologize that I didn't write an extra opinion piece to submit to a media outlet.

I apologize that I couldn't persuade more people to volunteer with Coalition to Protect NC families.

I apologize that I didn't give $25 more dollars to the cause.

I apologize that I wasn't able to construct better arguments that would persuade more people of the merits of marriage equality (or removing marriage from the purview of government altogether and leaving it to churches, families, and the couples involved to define it).

I apologize that I am not proud of my state anymore.

I apologize that this is little consolation to gay men and women all across the state who want nothing more than to marry the person they love and receive the same respect and dignity afforded to heterosexual couples.