Despite what Chairman Marfussssss has to say about my back-sliding heretical ways, I do find a certain peace in acts of contrition. They are good for the soul.

I apologize to Chairman Marfusssss for saying he's disgusting.
I apologize to the young Pope puppet for making fun of his Carolina Journal story today.
I apologize to the person at the airport for getting mad when he wouldn't let me on the plane that was still sitting at the jetway.
I apologize to my wonderful wife for spending too much time in blogland.
I apologize for wishing the US military would stage a coup.
I apologize to the earth for driving 40 miles today in a car by myself.

That'll do for now.



The plane thing just triggered an empathy rush that surprised me. That would suck. I haven't been exactly there; the one time I was too late for a flight, I was walking in to RDU at departure time and didn't make it farther than the Delta courtesy guy. Seeing the plane that you meant to be on sitting there preflight would just suck. Sorry.


This happens plenty when you travel a lot . . . which is why I've learned to hate traveling a lot.