An Anti-Small Government Call to arms

I just ran across this great article from the Washington Post's Colbert King on Slavery in America. He is not talking about something 200 years ago. He is not talking about "might as well be slavery". No. He is talking about real, honest-to-god slavery in our nation's capital. Go over and give it a read.

Ok, I'll be honest. I dont know if the columnist was actually writing an argument against small government. But, intentions aside, this article is a great highlight of the problems with a lazy executive branch. While Congress can pass almost any law it pleases (within certain parameters) the executive branch has a lot of play in public policy.

As President, George Bush can make all sorts of signing statements, but more importantly, he gets to put people he likes in charge of different branches. One of those is the State Department. The other is the Justice Department. So, the next time you talk to someone who believes in drowning government ask them what they think of slavery, and point them towards this article.

PS- Mr. King indicated this will end up being a series. So, stop by and after you read the article thank him for bringing this topic up. Good journalism should be rewarded, just like bad journalism should be punished.


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and also kudos to Colbert King for writing the story. (You need to fix the link here on BlueNC - had to go to Kos to find the original story.)

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This is a great column and lays the call to action squarely at the feet of Condi Rice. It's put up or shut up time for Ms. Rice. She'll either side with freedom or side with the wealthy elite. Care to bet which way she'll go?

No bets. I knew slavery

No bets.

I knew slavery wasn't dead; it's just harder to see.