Anti-Growth Candidate Running For Wake County Commission

WakePol describes Micheal Luther's first e-mail to kick off his campaign for Wake County Commissioner here:

This Luther only has three [theses]:

1. Stop busing. He opposes the school board's policy of shifting a small percentage of students in order to maintain economic diversity. "This busing has to stop......." he writes.

2. Stop the TTA. He believes the Triangle Transit Authority's $810 million commuter rail project should be ended. "The train commission needs to be shut down."

3. Slow growth. He says the county does not have the infrastructure or the land to continue to add residents at its present rate. "Wake County cannot grow to one million people in ten years," he writes.

So, Mr. Luther you are against rail, the only public transportation option that gets people off roads, but we do not have enough infrastructure. Duh, the rail is going to be the infrastructure. Rail will allow more dense development and has been proven to allow cities to control where growth goes. Because (surprise, surprise) people do not like to sit in traffic all morning and afternoon. Clearly this guy's positions are merely reactionary. Anything new or bigger=bad. Not to mention the busing comment.


I'll bet

this jerk is also in favor of making birth control harder to get. Where do these people think "growth" comes from . . . people being born under a cabbage leaf or something? Sheeesh.

stopping growth

Why would you want to stop growth to Wake County? Its one of the fastest growing places for young, relatively wealthy people in the state if not in the country. Its probabaly the only fast growing place for young relatively wealthy people. Its already listed on Forbes top ten list for cities young singles, and any weekend downtown will show that its not just ncsu students going out. This man is a moron. If he wants to have any control at all over growth (outside of letting these wealthy young people move to new subarbs 40 minutes away in chatham and harnett county) he should support the TTA's project to build a rail line and encourage development along that line. The tta has the potential to dictate future growth with the rail line. Wake County needs no more land to grow to 1 million people, what it does need to do is rezone some of the land that it has for mixed use and put in more dense communities as opposed to housing development after housing development.

People need to stop viewing light rail and public transportation on a will they make their money back basis. People look at the light rail and say, it will be a big waste becasue we won't have 10,000 people riding it the first day. Of course there won't be. But there won't be 10,000 people driving on 540 the first day that it opens. The only reason that they put 540 in was because it was seen as a way to spur development. Loop highways do not alleviate traffic. They create traffic. Create more suburbs to throw in more homes with 2+cars to drive on the loop road every day, then have that loop road merging with the same veins to get to RTP and downtown Raleigh. Right, good way to reduce traffic. Local goverments need to wake up and start viewing public transportation, such as light rail as infrastructure to spur development. Because if Wake County doesn't begin some sort of mass transit system to RTP and downtown soon, as well as Durham and potentially Chapel Hill, I think that in 10-15 years, when gas is 3,4,5 or maybe 6 dollars a gallon, people are not going to be willing to drive 40 minute commutes because noone can afford it. Raleigh is already a perfect example of terrible planning, a stadium in the middle of nowhere, an amazing art museum next to an old prison. If these short-sighteded fools are really intent on killing any chance Raleigh and the rest of Wake county has of sustained economic growth over the next 20-40 years the best thing they can do is kill the TTA's light rail plan

Well said.

And your comments point to a big difference between progressives and wingers. Most of the hard core wingers I follow are very much against government "control" over private property . . . and by that they mean they're against zoning.

In their short-sighted free-market frenzies, they don't understand that density has to be managed and ushered into existence in ways that work. They don't think anyone should be told that they can't have their half-acre suburban home. So they're all in favor of extending water and sewer all over god's earth . . . but they hate like hell that you'd actually plan things so people could evenutally ride the train.

It makes no sense.