Another Quayle Takes Flight

It's not just the John Cusack movie "Hot Tub Time Machine" that is causing flashbacks to the 1980s. It is also a Congressional race in Arizona.

Just when you thought Election 2010 couldn't get any weirder, guess whose son wants to be in Congress?

Yep, former Vice President Dan Quayle's.

It's not weird that a son wants to follow in his Dad's footsteps. Nothing wrong with that at all. Happens all the time and is noble, even endearing.

However, what's weird - scary, even - is how this guy is trying to do it and what he brings to the debate. Is this truly the best and brightest of Arizona? Is the GOP in this fellow's district so bereft of talent in its farm team that they are seriously considering this guy?

Check out the article at this link here and this other item from CNN.

Watch the video and it's clear that Generation Q (for Qlueless)'s acorn hasn't fallen far from the tree. In fact, it's abundantly clear that "like father, like son" applies in this situation for sure.

And, Ben, take it from us all: Neither you nor your Dad is Jack Kennedy. (Flashback to Bentson-Quayle debate of 1988.) But you're certain to make your Dad very proud if you're elected.

America, on the other hand, will believe that Arizona has given it the bird. (Quayle, bird, get it?)

At least, though, it's not the Son of Dick Cheney. (Cue cold shivers.)

But, then again, the son of Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker and he fought the dark side.

One could only hope. Nah. That stuff only happens in the movies.


Very sharp

I see that look in Ben's eye. He's one of Andrew Brock's Wakers.

Poor kid

I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I figured, here's a kid whose dad was pretty much a laughingstock, and that can't have been easy. His mother is supposed to be smart, so maybe he inherited her brains, and has been sharpened by experience and observation, and will prove to be a more serious candidate than his father.

No, not so much.