Another Party Chair Candidate?

Under the Dome has an article up today discussing the race for state party chair.  It quotes a number of people, all of whom indicate that the Governor is going to stay neutral on the party chair race.  But, there was another very interesting part of this article.


It mentioned some candidates we already knew about; Dannie Montgomery, David Parker, Luke Hyde and Jim Neal.  But, it also mentions someone that I hadn't heard about quite yet.  That person is Jack Nichols.  I had thought that Jack was running for Wake county party chair, and I was thrilled with that.  But apparently some people have been asking Jack to think about running for statewide chair instead.  And I think its a great idea.  I have been largely avoiding this race, but I will say that Jack is a great guy.  His local government knowledge would be a real assett in the management aspects of being chair.  He has enough connections to get the fundraising done.  And, he loves grassroots politics.  To put it another way, of all the qualifications I can think of that I would like to see in the next party chair, Jack has all of them and more.


Jack ran for State Senate last year, losing a tough primary against Josh Stein.  The thing that I loved about that race, and what makes me excited for the prospect of Jack running for party chair is that it was a campaign focused on who was the more progressive Democrat, and what type of Progressive approach to problems was better for our state.


So like I said, I have been avoiding getting involved with this race.  But Jack, stop sitting on the sidelines.  The Governor is doing a good thing by staying neutral and I think if people weren't asking you to think about this you would agree with me.  So don't wait for her to make a choice.  We know that you will support her, and we know that you will put everything you can behind supporting both her and the party at the same time.  Just jump right in, there are only a few weeks left.  I know you will do a great job.


What little I know of Jack comes from his diary post here

 He was being attacked by a "sock puppet" and even though we banned the user, we wanted Jack to have a chance to introduce himself without being attacked.  He is a class act.  I look forward to getting to know more about him.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Jack's race!

Jack ran for State Senate last year, losing a tough primary against Josh Stein*Betsy

If I remember! Didn't Stein run as a flamming socialist humanity outrageous progressive, claiming that he was the only one in the race only to find out later that he was a establishment suck up?

I remember somebody attacking Jack, but couldn't place it? Was it in the primary......I thought he was a class act too.

I can't remember the particulars

But the person set up the "Jack in the box" account and there were several others. He kept dropping hints about a site or something that was going to expose Jack for something. I think Gregflynn might remember the particulars.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I should have searched for that. Cyclical as in, the good names keep popping up when someone is looking for a leader? I think that certainly applies here.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.