Someone asked me yesterday where my blog name came from. It is an acronym for Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company -- which is covered thoroughly in this Wikipedia entry. I'll spare you the trouble of linking to actual ANGLICO sites, which are filled with more rightwing bullshit than anything thinking person should ever have to endure.

2nd ANGLICO is headquartered in Camp Lejeune and is currently deployed in Iraq. When I think that these young people are dying so George Bush could play wartime president, the rage I feel is almost more than I can bear. Heaven help Dear Leader if the professional military ever turns against him.

It's no wonder AWOL George worked so hard to stay out of Vietnam. He'd have been fragged in a heartbeat.


"Lightning from the sky, thunder from the sea."


Fragged in a heartbeat

too funny,
too true.

Hmmm, who was that guy that asked you what it meant? Thanks!

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You were an early asker . . .

but the question keeps coming up. Some of the references to ANGLICO are downright scary . . . it's amazing to me that I spent three years as part of a well-oiled killing machine and escaped with something approximating sanity.