Andrew Brock wants to have a "tangible impact"

From the dark side:

A Davie County Republican is urging fellow state lawmakers to stop wasting time and money on the state’s climate change commission and support energy policy he says will have a tangible impact on the state. Brock also wants to look into building a refinery in eastern North Carolina to jumpstart economic development in distressed counties.

Given that North Carolina's coastal waters are the spawning grounds for more than half of all Atlantic fish species, there would be tangible impact indeed:



Why does Andrew Brock want to destroy North Carolina's fragile fisheries?

North Carolina’s approximately 2.5 million acres of estuarine and marine waters are spawning, nursery, and feeding areas for most of state’s important coastal fishery species, including many that migrate throughout the Atlantic coast. In the 19th century, fish and shellfish resources were considered inexhaustible. We now know that is not true. Increasing pressures on coastal and marine resources and habitats, including loss of habitat and degradation of water quality and habitat, are threatening North Carolina’s fisheries.

The Democrats stand up for the environment - sometimes

The Democrats control the NC General Assembly and have for years. As environmental stewards of the highest rank, tell me why we are the only state that allows inshore trawling?

Inshore trawling is something that the Democrats can change immediately. Why does it go on year after year and the Democrats, those who fight for our environment, do not even discuss it.

The Democrats are God's warriors to save the planet.....except inshore trawling.

Ending inshore trawling would be a tangible act. Do you realize the refinery is not yet built? But inshore trawling goes on everyday while the Democrats worry about what may happen. Is this what is referred to as a double standard?

Why change the subject?

Though I'm guilty of the behavior myself from time to time, can we both stop with the nanny-nanny-boo-boo? When one side is doing something egregiously stupid, does it really help to point out that the other side is equally stupid? It may be good politics, but it doesn't move things forward, not that I can see.

Instead of hijacking my post about the potential destruction of fisheries from the risk of oil and gas pollution, please weigh in on the merits. If you want to make a case for eliminating inshore trawling, I personally would love to read all about it.



The Democrats are God's warriors to save the planet

I'm not sure about god's warriors, but on a scale of 10 to 10, where 10 is thoughtful stewardship of the environment, Democrats are a 5, Republicans are 2. That's why Brock wants to put a polluting refinery in impoverished areas. Who cares if a bunch of poor people have to raise their children in a toxic dump?