And A Train runs through it

As a Candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 40, I am never surprised at various issues and how they correlate to my opponent, Republican Marilyn Avila of Wake County. In Wake County, the need for mass transit has been in the works for quite some time. I continue to read the benefits, both pro and con, of high speed rail, in particular, the Raleigh to Richmond Corridor. My opponent seems to think it will not be of any benefit to anyone and ridership would be low at best. This argument could have some merit if this were the only reason she were opposing it so strongly. She stands to benefit in opposing it, for the sole reason of another political contribution. It seems the rail line plans drawn by NCDOT would lead the train running straight through the property of Thales Academy in Wake Forest. Thales Academy is another private school owned by one of her major campaign contributors, Bob Luddy. While I agree that the proposed line is a bad idea which would not only disrupt and have an adverse effect on our downtown businesses, it should be redrawn to run in the more rural and unpopulated areas of Wake County. My reasons for opposing this are simply in support of our local downtown businesses and residential areas. I certainly do not expect to get a campaign contribution from Mr Luddy, nor, for that matter Art Pope, as she seems to do. She also benefits from the recent school voucher legislation introduced where Corporations can contribute a dollar for dollar scholarship to disadvantaged students and receive a hefty tax credit for doing so. Guess who supports this legislation also? Do you see the correlation now? As a Candidate for N.C. House, I will not accept any corporate PAC money or those who own them. Contributions to my campaign will surely help compete with unfavorable legislation such as these and those who benefit from it.