and they wonder why they can't get African American votes......

CMS board at odds over vacant seats

Three members voted not to fill openings in two majority-black districts for a year.

By Ann Doss Helms
Posted: Friday, Nov. 14, 2008

A move by three Republican school board members to leave Mecklenburg's two majority-black districts without representation for a year could intensify debate over who will speak for the minorities who make up about two-thirds of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students.



Yet another glaring example of how political parties of any kind screw up county and municipal government.

If I read the article correctly, the motion was defeated.

So it isn't really about partisanship - it's about 3 people on the school board who thought it would be okay for African Americans to be unrepresented for a year. What a ridiculous notion.

The man who made the motion claimed he did it based on a recommendation made in 2005 about streamlining the board. It seems a little convenient and disingenuous to me to suggest that it be done now - nearly 4 years later - when the recommendation was made in 2005. (The recommendation was to "streamline" the board, not eliminate an entire segment of the community from the board.)

SPLib may be correct - perhaps partisanship has no place in municipal and county elections. Democrats seem to get elected for our school board here (where they run as non-partisans), but we haven't seen a Democratic County Commissioner since 1985. I just don't think this particular instance stinks as much of partisanship as it does of racism.