And Speaking of Fresh Starts

James and I disagree often (I'm sure no one has noticed), but on this point I think we are of one mind (the concept is jarring), that Perdue be given every bit of support and encouragement to follow through on the pledge to clean up state government. She deserves the opportunity to show us what she can do, and I, for one, will be much happier feeling proud of the party's leadership than I am in my current mode of skepticism.

Gary Pearce observes:

Governor-elect Bev Perdue is wrestling with two public images. One is the picture in Sunday’s N&O of her with Marc Basnight, with Basnight looming over her. The other is her vow election night to make a “fresh start.”

Her speech was odd. She sounded tired, even touchy. She reprimanded the crowd for not listening. Clearly, she had something she wanted them to hear.

The words were interesting: “Fresh start…action…transparency and accountability…change orders…there’s a new sheriff in town…Change the financing of governor’s elections…change DOT…openness.”

In other words, the message some people thought she lacked during the campaign. Of course, better late than never.

But skepticism reigns, especially in the media that will be scrutinizing her. Her critics will look for fodder to tag her again as “Status Quo Bev.”

Even her Democratic allies are concerned. Democrats have already defied the odds by winning five straight gubernatorial races in North Carolina.

Just as voters punished Bush and the Republicans for incompetence and cronyism in this election, Democrats could be punished in two years. And the legislature elected in 2010 will do redistricting.

posted @ Thursday, November 13, 2008 9:48 AM by Gary Pearce

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Underneath the anthill

Or rather, just below the surface of a seemingly quiet mound, you just know there is all kinds of scrambling and jostling to see who is going to be where after the oath of office is administered to the new governor.

But outside, so to speak, there's Richard Moore finding ways to make some news, and then, interestingly, I thought, this piece under the DOME referring to Kieren Shanahan's thoughts on U. S. Attorneys.

Some of you remember how odd it seemed that Moore chose Shanahan's firm to represent him in the mini-battle with SEANC. Shanahan's firm is GOP, after all, so one couldn't help but wonder. And now we've got Shanahan popping upon the DOME talking about the important role that the GOP U. S. Attorneys have played in rooting out corruption in NC. Unfortunately, he has a point there -- or at least three (Phipps, Black and Wright).

I doubt Shanahan is angling for an appointment himself. But it wouldn't surprise me if Moore were interested in such an appointment. And if he doesn't get such an appointment, it would surprise me even less if Moore decided to switch parties.

Just spitballing here.