American Theocracy

HB 2, allowing Magistrates to opt out of marrying gay couples when they have a strong religious aversion to doing so, just passed its third reading in the House and will be sent to the Governor. Most of us were raised to have a polite aversion to discussing religion in the public realm. We have to get over that. Now.

The arguments against this bill are logical and valid; the GOP members of our NCGA are hell-bent on pursuing their agenda even if the measures will have a negative impact on the citizens of our state, both Republicans and Democrats. (Yes, there really are gay Republicans.)

The major problem of this legislation is that it allows a religious belief to trump the US Constitution, which our own NC Constitution pledges to uphold. Allowing one group's religious preferences to usurp the law puts us on the road to an American theocracy. And there are those calling for America to become a Christian Nation who honestly don't believe they are calling for a Theocracy. But any time a government is subordinate to religious laws, a theocracy is what you have. And all of you need to call them out on it.

We are seeing this happen, in ways large and small, all across the country. Why do we need to put In God We Trust on our money, or on the walls of our county commissioner's meeting rooms? To get us accustomed to putting the religious beliefs of one group above the Constitution. Why do we write laws trying to ban abortion? To put the religious beliefs of one group above the law. Why do we pray before governmental meetings? To establish the supremacy of one group's religious beliefs. Why do we fight to put creationism into science textbooks? To establish the supremacy of religion over a secular government. Why do we destroy public education, the bedrock of democracy, with vouchers and charters? To allow for schools that integrate the teachings of one religious group to infiltrate the curriculum and indoctrinate our children.


And why are Republicans so determined to push this down the throats of every American?

If you are not interested in living in a theocratic country it is time to speak up.

If you don't speak up, you need to decide just whose religious beliefs you want running the American theocracy--right wing evangelicals? Presbyterians? American Baptists or Southern Baptists? Catholic? Episcipalian? What about Judaism or Islam? The Old Testament or the New Testament? Whose religion do you want to run America? Whose thumb do you want to be under?

Think about it quick. There isn't much time left. Think about it or start complaining. Loudly.



Unintended consequences

Perhaps the most effective way to arouse the public consciousness is to point out the many unintended consequences of Senate Bill 2.

There are any number of commandments and other religious requirements and prohibitions that could form the basis of a "sincere religious belief" for the magistrates, and assistant/deputy registers of deeds who are empowered to perform civil marriage ceremonies and issue marriage licenses. Some of the less outrageous scenarios that might lead to one of these government employees' recusal:

- Pacifists might refuse to perform ceremonies for those in the military, or veterans
- One might refuse to perform ceremonies for those who have committed adultery
- Those with tattoos might be turned away based on religious beliefs stemming from certain passages in Leviticus
- Those who plan to serve pork or shellfish at the reception might be denied the right to marry
- And that blended fabric wedding dress or tuxedo could violate some magistrate's religious principles.

Far-fetched? I don't think so.


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR


Those who oppose misuse of the environment because of their sincerely held beliefs could refuse to process deeds or other official documents for companies or property owners.

And how can we condemn

those whose 'sincerely held' religious beliefs allow them to indiscriminately murder innocent people by the dozens/hundreds/thousands?


Better yet

Why can't we use our own "sincerely held" beliefs to take out a few legislators who are doing the Devil's work? Blood sacrifice has a long tradition in Christian and non-Christian religious practice alike.

Hey Paul

I see from your account page that you're in West Jefferson. Greetings from my sister-in-law who lives in Crumpler!

Her name is Judi. She's not an extremist like me, but she's a nice, sane person nonetheless. Let me know if you'd like her contact information. She's relatively new to the area and I'm sure she'd like to meet some new folks.


Sure...have her reach out to me on Facebook. Always nice to find other sane folk...