Along with Trump, Louis DeJoy needs to go to jail


Make no mistake, this is election fraud, and a violation of the Constitution:

More than 150,000 ballots were caught in U.S. Postal Service processing facilities and not delivered by Election Day, agency data shows, including more than 12,000 in five of the states that have yet to be called for either President Trump or Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

Despite assurances from Postal Service leaders that agency officials were conducting daily sweeps for misplaced ballots, the mail service acknowledged in a court filing Thursday that thousands of ballots had not been processed in time, and that more ballots were processed Wednesday than on Election Day.

Get that? Trump is ranting about late votes, and Tweeting, "STOP COUNTING!" while DeJoy was (is) holding ballots hostage until after Election day. When a judge first ordered the Postal Service to begin sweeps of postal facilities 7 days ago, they (DeJoy) ignored the order. They barely lifted a finger on Monday, and even Tuesday (Election Day). Then they started sweeping (in earnest) on Wednesday. That demonstrates (clearly) the intent to delay and obstruct the votes of tens of thousands of citizens, regardless of lame rationalizations:

Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer wrote in an emailed statement that the majority of the 150,000 ballots were destined for states that accept ballots with pre-Election Day postmarks and that the votes would be counted under state laws.

“The Postal Service is required by law to deliver all mail that is deposited in our system. We cannot control when voters choose to mail their completed ballots, but we implemented extraordinary measures to ensure ballots were, and continue to be, delivered to the boards of elections as quickly as possible,” he wrote.

The Postal Service is under overlapping court orders to devote “extraordinary measures” to move election mail. Those steps started on Oct. 20, and some are set to continue until the end of November. The agency authorized local post offices to create ballot-only drop-off lines and drive-through ballot submission lanes.

Judges in Pennsylvania, New York, Washington state and the District of Columbia also ordered DeJoy to halt a controversial cost-cutting agenda that eliminated late and extra mail dispatch and delivery trips and sought to cut 64 million work hours, the equivalent of three weeks’ worth for its staff of 630,000.

The agency also removed more than 700 high-speed mail sorting machines, close to 15 percent of its inventory, over the summer, a decision that cut the Postal Service’s processing capacity by 21.4 million pieces of paper mail per hour. The agency routinely moves 450 million mail items a day.

Almost immediately, postal performance suffered. In the first five weeks after DeJoy’s policies took effect, more than 7 percent of the nation’s first-class mail was delayed.

We knew long before Oct. 20 that DeJoy was intentionally undermining the Postal Service's effectiveness, setting the stage for the exact crisis we're looking at right now. The U.S. House convened hearings back in August, trying to get DeJoy to turn over mail processing data, and get him to replace the mail processing machines he had arbitrarily removed. That accomplished pretty close to nothing. He's ignored Congress, ignored (Federal) judges, and of course he has completely ignored his duties as Postmaster.

But now he has committed fraud, against the people of the United States. And he needs to pay for it, and not just ooze back into his fucking mansion.