All Heath, All the Time

CQ Politics has released lists of the best-funded congressional candidates in several categories. There is one North Carolinian on the list, under Challengers to House Incumbents:

• Heath Shuler, Democrat, North Carolina 11: $552,304 (Republican Rep. Charles H. Taylor)


Another Interesting Thing

Look at the amounts raised by Incumbents, the lowest one on the list is Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Republican, Florida 18: $1,617,370

Amount Charles Taylor has: $99,510

That's the kind of anemic fundraising that has John Armor wondering if Taylor will drop out of the race after winning the primary.

Taylor's going to dump piles of his own money in, of course, but Shuler's got some deep pockets in addition to his prodigious fundraising.

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