ALEC Whistles; NC Officials Show Up

You, too, can scroll through the agenda ALEC has set for its annual meeting late this week in San Diego.

At this web site you can wonder about such things as:

Who is 'exhibiting' and what are they showing??

Is ALEC really interested in 'consumer protection?' Or is the discussion on how to get rid of it?

hmmm… Pension Plan working group…. Now I'm worried. About my pension....

Direct Sales of Automobiles Working Group---Meaning, What do we do about Tesla?

There are Working Groups or Subcommittee Meetings on:
Communications and Technology Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Critical Infrastructure and Security Technologies
Public Pensions
Environmental Health and Regulations
Workers' Comp
Ficsal Policy Reform
Education and Tax
and a separate, Working Group on Education Finance

Many issues have a Task Force:
Communications and Technology
Civil Justice
Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development
Education and Workforce Development

Interesting topics include:
States Constitutionally Saving "The American Dream" Summit Via Balanced Budget Amendment Convention
(How does balancing the budget impact the American Dream, you ask? Who benefits if the US govt can never go into debt? Better join ALEC.)

There will be Policy Workshops on:
Higher Education Freedom of Thought
a Discussion on VAPE, the Word of the Year
A Brave New World: Effective, Efficient and Cost-Responsible Alternatives in Criminal Justice
building an Infrastructure for Innovation: The Drug Discovery Process and the Promise for Patients
Setting an Effective State Led Education Agenda
Dark Money Debate: What Lawmakers Need to Know about the First Amendment and Anonymous Political Speech (Do they really need someone to tell them about that? Or are they spreading pointers?) (does that refer to Twitter? The comments section on every on-line article? The GOP-paid trolls who salted Amazon with dismal reviews of books written by liberals?)
Advances in Medication-Assisted Treatment Model in Alternatives to Incarceration
Leveraging Innovation for Cost Savings in Medicaid Dental Program Administration
Proposed Rules for a Convention of States (they are really pushing that this year) (not to mention, why does the United States of America need ALEC to set rules for a Constitutional convention?)(Wake up, Democrats.)
Renewable Energy Mandate Reform: State Case Studies (Haven't they heard from Apple, Amazon, SAS, et al, who actually LIKE renewables?)
Utilizing Technology and Data Analytics to Promote Efficiencies in Government (Panelist for this is NC's own, Rep Jason Saine. Perpaps our local medic can ask him what he plans to present before he takes off for San Diego)

Breakout Sessions include:
How States Can Tackle the Nation's Top Threat: Legislatures, Congress and the Compact for a Balanced Budget

There are lots of receptions. (No word on whether it's a cash bar….) And amongst the guest speakers are Arthur Laffer, Frank Luntz, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, and Ted Cruz.

To wrap up, this year the Koch brothers are interested in:

A constitutional requirement for a balanced budget. (this could be good for the US. All our wars have been fought on debt. Starting with the Revolution, all the way up to Afghanistan and Iraq. If we have to balance the national budget the US will never be able to go to war again. Pacifists 1, Military Industrial Complex, 0)

Further plans to raid public pensions.

Further attempts to un-do mandates for the purchase of sustainable energy vs. continued reliance on fossil fuels.

What are your favorites? And don't say the Receptions!!



Names of NC legislators

Names of NC legislators attending the ALEC conference:

Speaker Tim Moore
Sen Bob Rucho, R-Mecklenburg
Reps. Jason Saine R-Lincoln
John Fraley, R-Iredell
Craig Horn, R-Union
Hugh Blackwell R-Burke
Sarah Stevens, R-Surry
Stephen Ross, R-Alamance
Mark Brody, R-Union
George Robinson, R-Caldwell.

I must be getting old :)

The title I originally put on the diary I just posted was almost identical to yours. I wonder how many other "bright ideas" I've had like that...