Al Gore Ruins Everything (political cartoon)

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Here we have Al Gore, the arch nemesis of White House stupidity, he was Vice-President when the nation had its greatest economy ever, he has a hit documentary on the subject of global warming, nominated for an Academy Award, and now nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize when Bush has America neck deep in needless war.

What's not to like?

Success, that is what's not to like. Gore was the most successful VP in American history, he was the most contributive VP the country has ever had. He oversaw the cutting of the size of government - rolling the size back to where it was in the 70's. He was VP when the US was ACTIVELY looking for Al Qaeda and Bin Laden.

And other parade raining items for BushCo are Gore's knowledge of Sunni and Shia conflicts, he can properly say nuclear, and Gore knows all the worlds leaders AND they respect HIM.

That must be the clincher - respect.

It takes a lot of positive work and global respect to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and that is one thing BushCo has never had, respect. No other national leader respects Bush, they may fear him, they may work with him for mutual gain, but they do not respect him.

No one does.

No one ever will.

Damn that Al Gore.


Bush's Brain is just too scary....

and all Bush can see is a "TurdBlossom"

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