Air Too Dirty to Breathe in 28% of NC counties

Here is a list of the North Carolina counties that violate the EPA's 8-hour ozone standard of 0.075 parts per million. Also listed are the counties that would violate the more stringint standard of 0.060 ppm that has been recomended by the scientists at the EPA. The 0.075 ppm threshold was set by the political appointees who rejected the scientist's recommendation. The old standard was 0.080 ppm.

North Carolina Alexander 0.075
North Carolina Avery 0.069
North Carolina Buncombe 0.074
North Carolina Caldwell 0.073
North Carolina Caswell 0.075
North Carolina Chatham 0.072
North Carolina Cumberland 0.080
North Carolina Davie 0.079
North Carolina Durham 0.075
North Carolina Edgecombe 0.075
North Carolina Forsyth 0.080
North Carolina Franklin 0.077
North Carolina Graham 0.078
North Carolina Granville 0.080
North Carolina Haywood 0.078
North Carolina Johnston 0.076
North Carolina Lenoir 0.073
North Carolina Lincoln 0.079
North Carolina Martin 0.074
North Carolina Mecklenburg 0.088
North Carolina New Hanover 0.071
North Carolina Person 0.076
North Carolina Pitt 0.075
North Carolina Rockingham 0.075
North Carolina Rowan 0.085
North Carolina Swain 0.065
North Carolina Union 0.078
North Carolina Wake 0.078


tennessee? i'm confused...

i was kinda relieved (and more than kinda proud) to see that my home county of macon wasn't on the list (although the county i currently live in is). macon county doesn't have federal emissions inspections, and it's also, if memory serves, a lot closer to tennessee than any of the counties you listed (or at least more so than buncombe and graham..).

man, i miss the mountains... :)

Buncombe abuts Haywood and Madison

which are both on the border. More significantly, Buncombe is more likely to be in the way of prevailing weather patterns from TN than Macon.

Going due west from Macon there's Clay and Gtaham counties between Macon and TN to the west. And if you go north or northwest you are closer, for sure, but you'd have a couple of more mountain ridges and the weather doesn't usually flow towards Macon from those areas of TN. But don't quote me. I only lived in beautiful beautiful Macon county for a few months . . .
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true enough

macon is kinda protected, and i see your point now. thanks for the geography lesson (it never was my strong subject..).

and yeah, macon is beautiful, isn't it... =D

Mecklenburg #1!!!!!

Maybe Myers Park Pat (McCrory) can use this in his campaign.

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

although my solution to the air quality

of mecklenburg county is somewhat ridiculous, it has been effective.

Neti pot

I am sure McCrory is proud of the city's high misery index.