On the air

This gentle introduction will need to be backed up a bold and creative strategy to connect with working people on real issues. My discussions with voters suggests they really don't care that much about candidate bios, they want to know what you'll do. Cheri already stands for what most voters want ... reasonable laws, more freedom, fundamental fairness. Her job is to make sure people understand that.

But she also has to make sure people understand the danger from extremists on the other side. Extremists who would take away our rights and our freedoms. Extremists who want to stack the deck in favor of rich guys, who want to steal our public schools.

Ted Budd is a violent extremist camping out in Donald Trump's pocket. There is no doubt he's a liar and a traitor.

"I don't know Ted Budd, but from what I've seen, he isn't working for the interests of most North Carolinians."