Aimy Steele for NC House

One area in which our state legislature has failed, failed, and failed again is in their duty to protect and educate our children. That failure shows up in every area: teacher retention, teacher pay, test performance, crowded classrooms, text books and supplies, school safety, and more. The reason? We have a bunch of old white men who know nothing about education making public policy.

To fix things, we need new legislators, including people who know what they're talking about when it comes to public schools. That's why Jane and I are supporting Aimy Steele, who's running for the NC House in Cabarrus County. Here's one of her main messages:

I can no longer sit by and watch teachers debate whether they should work an extra job or spend more time prepping for class. I can no longer band-aid cases of children coming to school without basic necessities so they can concentrate on learning and I can not sit stagnate when it takes working families over an hour to get from home to work on our public transit system. It is not enough to be anything less than an assertive advocate for those suffering from the opioid crisis which has spilled into our schools. I am running to be in a constant state of advocacy for people, and making sure our collective voices are heard.

If you can send a few dollars her way, please do. Aimy has been endorsed by lots of great organizations, including Lillian's List and Emily's List. And if you're in Cabarrus County, please spread the word.