Comments from the blogosphere on this video

Russell Robinson II is a Republican lawyer.

Hey, Paul "Skip" Stam is a Republican lawyer, too!!

Russell Robinson wrote THE book on North Carolina corporate law "Robinson on Corporation Law" -- a book so pervasively used and respected in the N.C. legal community that Robinson's footnotes cite to N.C. Supreme Court cases that cite back to Robinson. (That book, in its 7th edition, sits on my desk, just as it sits on the desk of many, many, many corporate attorneys.)

Skip wrote something, too!! It was Amendment One. He mostly cribbed the text from a State where it didn't work out so well for a few years -- unless you like domestic violence, in which case, score!

Russell Robinson says Amendment One will have rather horrible unintended consequences for North Carolina -- in addition to the horrible intended consequences, of course.

Skip says "Nuh-uh! No it won't!"

Who is right? (You can only pick one answer) (A) Russell, the man whose grandfather wrote our State constitution who personally led the drafting effort that produced our current statutes on North Carolina corporations; or (B) Skip, who perfomed the amendment-drafting equivalent of copying off the wrong test.