Again, this OLF is not required

Doing some more lite reading of the FEIS and truely looked at the requirements to be considered a master jet base.

Requirements to be a master jet base (FEIS, pg 2-2, para 2.1.1):
1. 1000 feet or less from sea level
2. 500 nm from Norfolk to the North and 500 nm from the South near Jacksonville due to refueling concerns
3. 120 miles from any training range/site
4. Suitable training range size
5. Range capabilities
6. Operational readiness (proved a place to prepare to deploy)
7. Unrestricted tempo of operations
8. Twenty-four hour a day capabilities
9. Unrestricted on station FCLP operations or at supporting OLF
10. No training commands interfering
11. No commercial sharing of runway
12. Must be parallel runway configuration

Of the above, no single base that houses jets in support of the carriers meets these 12 criteria.

Oceana, VA fails on item 7 and 9 in a big way causing BRAC and DOD IG to state move the planes. Also, these criteria are what Adm. Nathman is recognizing when he states "the fidelity at Oceana and Fentress is terrible, this is not a place to train young pilots".

Cherry Point, NC fails 7, 8, 9, 12. And cannot effectively become a master jet base because of the physical configuration of the primary runways and proximity to existing infrastructure.

Beaufort, SC fails 6, 7, 8, 9, 12.

Kingsville, TX fails 2, 3, 10 but these should be correctable.

So why is the legislators of North Carolina proposing any site for an OLF when no site is viable as a master jet base.

An OLF should be required only to support a master jet base.

This OLF will not fix any of the problems associated at any of the listed sites and is redundant in the case of Cherry Point and Oceana.

The Navy first needs to find a master jet base (something BRAC recommended to the Navy) before placing an OLF anywhere.


Keep writing . . .

and sending to the newspapers. I know it seems like pushing a rope, but remember the squeaky wheel.

You rock, Parmea.

and your efforts will not go unrewarded. We will win this.
The Den
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Just an example of some of the questions I have sent to the Navy

1. Enumerate all the restrictions that will be imposed on the people of North Carolina under the restrictive easements plan/policy.
a. Please explain what each of them mean to the property owner.
b. Please explain what happens to this easement when the homeowner decides to sell.
c. Please explain why this was not presented to us anywhere. The Navy knows what restrictions they wish to Stalinistically place upon us, why is the Navy hiding this information?
d. Will any other restriction be imposed?
e. Which ones will not be imposed?
Let me help the Navy. From OPNAVINST 11010.36b, the restrictive easements are:

1. The right to make low and frequent flights over said land and to generate noises associated with:
(a) Aircraft in flight, whether or not while directly over said land,
(b) Aircraft and aircraft engines operating on the ground at said installation, and,
(c) Aircraft engine test/stand/cell operations at said installation.
2. The right to regulate or prohibit the release into the air of any substance, which would impair the visibility or otherwise interfere with the operations of aircraft, such as, but not limited to, steam, dust and smoke.
3. The right to regulate or prohibit light emissions, either direct or indirect (reflective), which might interfere with pilot vision.
4. The right to prohibit electromagnetic and radio frequency emissions that would interfere with aircraft, aircraft communications systems, or aircraft navigational equipment.
5. The right to prohibit any use of the land which would unnecessarily attract birds or waterfowl, such as, but not limited to, operation of sanitary landfills, water impoundment areas, maintenance of feeding stations or the growing of certain types of vegetation or activities attractive to flocks of birds or waterfowl.
6. The right to prohibit and remove any buildings or other nonfrangible structures that do not comply with the AICUZ plan.
7. The right to top, cut to ground level, and to remove trees, shrubs, brush or other forms of obstruction which the installation commander determines might interfere with the operation of aircraft, including emergency landings.
8. The right of ingress and egress upon, over and across said land for the purpose of exercising the rights set forth herein.
9. The right to post signs on said land indicating the nature and extent of the Government's control over said land.
10. The right to allow only specific land uses.
11. The right to prohibit entry of persons onto the land except in connection with authorized activities.
12. The right to disapprove and/or prohibit land uses not in accordance with the established land use restrictions.
13. The right to control the height of structures to ensure that they do not become a hazard to flight.
14. The right to install airfield lighting and navigational aids.
15. The right to require sound attenuation in new construction or modifications to buildings in conformance with the AICUZ recommendations.”

2. Why do the people of the region the Navy is about to take all this land from have to perform item 15?
a. This OLF is a want no matter how you slice it.
b. With all the assets available to the Navy, why does the homeowner have to protect themselves from the Navy’s decisions?
c. Will the Navy provide the money needed to bring all these buildings up to par?
d. When the noise for Perquimans Middle School and Elementary Schools reach unacceptable noise levels (and the placement of this OLF in Perquimans County will do that), is the Navy going to buy us new schools to allow our children to learn in a noise free environment both inside and outside the school building?
3. In the SEIS, only two of these restrictions are identified, why was the Navy purposely avoiding listing all these restrictions?
a. Does the Navy feel we are to stupid to understand what they mean?
b. Was the Navy trying to hide something from us?
c. Why was the Navy not in informational role by hiding this from us or making us go find it?
d. Don’t you think this would be nice information to have?
e. The DEIS was going to utilize restrictive easements of 50,000 acres but then changed to full blown 33,000 acres of eminent domain in the FEIS, why did the Navy not list these in the DEIS?
4. When is the Navy going to perform a valid AICUZ study with proper dB DNL contour lines for the second OLF?
a. Without a proper AICUZ study, no lands can be purchased, restrictive easements imposed and no one near the site has a clue what is about to happen to them.
b. Is this how the Navy operates?
c. Is this FEIS and the supporting documentation it?
5. When is the Navy going to perform a valid AICUZ study around Oceana? The current one has been identified as out of date (FEIS) since 1999.
6. Why did 2005 BRAC recognize the existing AICUZ contour maps for Oceana but the Navy does not recognize the contours that can be found on the Oceana web site?
a. Those contour maps have 2005 on them and they show a much larger noise footprint then is found in the FEIS.
b. Is the Navy lying again in the FEIS?
7. Again, how can we trust anything the Navy has said with regard to this NEPA process?
8. Please explain why Oceana needs two OLFs to support the military mission of training the airwings to deploy when it has been stated that if every F/A-18 EF was to be placed at Oceana a second OLF is not required?
a. This second OLF is not required for Cherry Point or for Oceana.
b. Cherry Point does not need this second OLF when it has Bogue Field.
c. Nothing the Navy is saying with regard to this process makes since.
d. The only base that would arguably need this OLF would be at Beaufort, SC.

I sent the above to the Navy utilizing their website.

I have found that two pages of a word document will be accepted by this website. Getting into the third page will require you to submit more then one time your comments.

Thanks, P.

I have gone to the site again and added a whole slew of questions myself.

Much appreciated.

Thanky thanky

Questions to the Navy will force them to answer us. Many of these questions they cannot answer and be truthful. The Navy is gambling (and losing) that folks will not ask questions.

Make their job freaking impossible with questions! Or enable the Navy to look stupid by trying to answer these questions in a way that spins it where this OLF is required in NE North Carolina. They truely belief that we wont do that to them.

More questions asked and I encourage folks to copy paste any of them and submit to the Navy if you feel they are appropriate:

The Navy failed to require the cities of Virginia to stop encroachment as far back as 1976 when Virginia Beach approved Lynnhaven Mall complex in a high noise zone over the Navy’s objections.
Does the Navy belief this is a true statement if not, why not?

The inability of the Navy to convince Virginia Beach that this course of action is not supportive to the mission of Oceana may have empowered the city that they could grow and have a master jet base. The building boom around Oceana has not slowed down.
Does the Navy belief this entire paragraph is a true statement if not, why not?

The viability of Oceana is in serious doubt. The Navy has shown nowhere how Oceana will continue to be the East Coast master jet base. 2005 BRAC has determined that the military mission at Oceana is hampered by encroachment and to fix this, the Navy is easing up on development restrictions. The Navy has stated that Oceana and Fentress are terrible for young pilots to train at, that the fidelity is in question, so what is the Navy doing about all that? This is not a rhetorical question.

1. Why did the Navy have to have the 2005 BRAC to finally get the message across that encroachment is a problem at Oceana?
2. Why is the Navy easing up on development restrictions around the current master jet base but requiring, no demanding, that encroachment and development be completely halted at an OLF that is supporting this same master jet base?
3. Why is the Navy requiring exclusive easement rights out to the 60 dB DNL contour line in North Carolina when the Navy is allowing up to 95,000+ people to live and grow in Virginia?
4. Why does the Navy need a second OLF to support Oceana when Fentress can perform the mission and perform it for the foreseeable future?
5. With above question, why is there a restriction on placement of this OLF to be within 120 nm of Oceana? Oceana planes can fly at Fentress till the cows come home.
a. Why has the Navy been lying to us about the requirements of this OLF?
b. Why has the Navy held hostage the people of NE North Carolina for so long for a facility that they know is not required to support Oceana?
6. Why did the Navy disqualify Bogue Field as a viable OLF in supporting the mission of carrier and amphibious operations?
a. Why is Bogue Field not utilized more then 8 – 10 hours a day?
b. What restrictions are in place around Bogue Field that “disqualifies” it from performing as a true OLF supporting Cherry Point?
c. How long has Bogue Field been in existence and how long has the people living around Bogue Field been there?
7. Can OLF Atlantic perform vertical takeoffs to support Harrier deployments? Please explain your answer.
8. Can a pad be place on the Cherry Point complex to support Harrier deployments? Please explain your answer.
9. Is there any other method to perform Harrier operations at Cherry Point (i.e. utilizing the “off-wind runways, other pads, new pads, etc)? Please explain your answer.
10. What must be done to keep Oceana a master jet base for the next 30 years?
a. What must be done to overcome those obstacles?
11. If you had to make Cherry Point a master jet base to house all the planes from Oceana, what would be required?
a. Are there any restrictions around Cherry Point that would disqualify it from becoming the next Atlantic master jet base?
b. How hard would it be to overcome those identified obstacles?
c. Failure to answer this question is not an option. It is a concern I have and this NEPA process opened this door with Alternative 2.
12. What are the restrictions around MCAS Beaufort?
a. Please explain the restriction of an xxx number of planes may only cross a geographical point anywhere around Beaufort. (explained to me by Mr. Keys or CDR Catwaa(sp) sorry sir for destroying your name like that, doing it phonetically, and not to discredit you in any way)
b. How long has this restriction been in place?
c. If you had to make Beaufort a master jet base to house all the planes from Oceana, what would be required?
d. How hard would it be to overcome those identified obstacles?
e. Failure to answer this question is not an option. It is a concern I have and this NEPA process opened this door.
13. Please explain by each of the sites what is the increase in property taxes that will happen to the people outside the 60 dB DNL contour line to make up for the lands no longer taxable by the local governments.
a. You have asked the local governments what the plan was correct?
b. You have been talking with the local tax office and explaining to them what properties will be removed from the county tax rolls?
c. How many times have you visited Perquimans County tax office with the intent to explain the process of removing these lands from our tax rolls?
d. What days did you perform these talks?
14. Before the record of decision for this OLF location is determined, each county should be told down to the property, who will be required to sell, and who will be required to decide to accept the restrictive easement or to not accept the restrictions.
a. When is the Navy going to perform this function?
15. What happens to a person who elects not to accept the exclusive easements forced on them by the Navy?
16. Why have you not been talking to the local governments at all the sites and informing us what is about to happen?
a. How come each site does not have a liaison officer visiting our sites doing question and answer sessions for us?
b. How often has the Navy come to Perquimans County and discussed with the county manager or the County Commissioners about this plan? In 8 years of planning, our county commissioners should have had many formal hearings and discussions with the Navy. Notes back and forth are not formal nor qualify as statements for or against this OLF.
c. List the minutes of these meetings as this is public domain information and is suppose to be documented to show where the local government refuses to support the Navy mission at the airfield.