After "Whether," Ask "Who?"

The Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN) has a short piece on their site addressing the question of who should own toll roads. Given NC's recent attraction to the idea, it's worth a read:

Allowing some private investment in building infrastructure is not the problem – that's common in countries around the world. The corrupt aspect of many of these new state projects are the extreme long-term leases that undermine democratic control of our transportation infrastructure for multiple generations. And in both Indiana and Texas, not only will private companies control the roads they lease, they will have "noncompete" contracts that allow them to block any new roads in the same area that future governments might decide to build.


Does Anyone Know...

Does anyone know how NC's proposals have been structured? Or are they not that far along yet?

After "Whose?"

ask WTF?

I haven't been convinced that private investment in buildin infrastructure is not the problem. The whole practice panders to the belief that commercial interests are some magic elixir to cure all ills. I prefer the old fashioned model where core government services are paid for and controlled by we the people.

And regarding the noncompete contracts, that smells like the result of either stupidity or graft -- both of which are endemic in the highway construction business.