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Just kidding.


My news bullets of the day...

that are keeping me busy:

- the continuing saga that is Rep. McHenry endangering our troops thru his immaturity and YouTubing.

- asking our two "wonderful" U.S. Senators if they will be supporting Sen. Webb's bipartisan G.I. Bill bill. Sen. McCain has yet to join as a co-sponsor and REALLY support the troops. ...and I only have one year of school left, so, dang it, pass it now!

- Elizabeth Edwards endorsed Sen. Clinton's health care plan over all other candidates

Off to homework!

Take to Kinkos. Print 1000. Hand out at polling places.

Dan Besse for Lt. Governor

Not in-lieu of making a late cash donation but in addition to making a late cash donation, why not print out this inordinately large Jpeg (in color or black and white) make a few copies and put in it somebody's hand as they head off to early voting?

Not too late to drop me a line about chairing a county for Team Besse either!


Yes, Elizabeth prefers Hillary's healthcare plan

Not surprising in the least, considering Hillary essentially replicated John Edwards' health care plan.

One of the issues that bothers me most about Obama, is his health care plan, that leaves at least 18 million without coverage. I have other concerns about Hillary. I'm still undecided on what Presidential candidate I'll vote for May 6th.

If you missed Elizabeth on Olberman tonight...

I agree

that Hillary's health care plan is better. I've already voted for Obama absentee, but I will give credit where due.

Thanks a lot Frank...

Now I have to scroll sideways to see the picture of myself. You are blocking my vanity!

Kidding, of course. Fine idea. Is the printable pic up at Dan's website yet? Also, we have three cars giving rides to the polls in the Reddies River, Millers Creek, Cricket, North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro and Mulberry districts here in Wilkes. You can PM me for details.

Someone's going to photoshop a staff in his hand

and a big ole beard. Looks like he's parting the waters!!!

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Register to vote & vote on the same day, at the same place!

Now this is cool. Makes it easy for those of us who need to update our voter registrations!

Democratic Primary

The last day to register to vote on election day: Apr. 11

Absentee Voting: Mar. 17 - Apr. 29

One Stop Absentee Voting: Apr. 17 - May 3

Note: You can register to vote and cast your absentee ballot at the same time during the April 17th to May 3rd period at a One Stop Voting location.

Quick Question

I should know the answer to this, but I am getting conflicting messages.

My understanding that a Rep/Dem could vote in either primary, but not both. Someone told me today that only Unaffiliateds could do that.

Could you clarify this for me?

Also, on the same day, could a registered Repub switch parties same-day, or is this just for unregistered?

This is the first race that I can remember where the issue has actually came up, but I am getting the question very often this year.


Unaf can choose on the day of the primary to vote in either primary. They can only vote in the second primary/runoff of the party whose primary they voted in the first go round (if they voted).

Friday is the last day for people to change their registration. Dems can only vote in the Dem primary. Reps can only vote in the Rep primary.

Anyone who registers after Friday (during one stop voting) does so as a provisional ballot (im pretty sure). There are lots of reasons for this, but it makes a lot of sense.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"