After five years of judicial misconduct, Emily McManaway visits with her son, Murray

Since March of 2006, two Orange County attorneys, Leigh Peek and Donna Ambler Rice; their clients, Marvilyn and Cecil Bohannon and Kristin and Johnny Branch; and Chief District Court Judge Joe Buckner abused the legal process and engaged in misconduct in order to prevent Emily McManaway from having any contact with her young son, Murray.

As the Court of Appeals correctly noted in December 2010, the conspiracy in Judge Buckner's courtroom to keep Murray from his mother was a "charade" and "an appalling scheme to separate a child from his mother by misrepresentations and manipulation of court proceedings."

On April 11, 2011, Ms. McManaway was granted a supervised visit with Murray after a court hearing in Orange County District Court. The author of this post, who represented Ms. McManaway from 2007 to 2010, was privileged to observe the visit.

It was extremely touching to witness Ms. McManaway hug her first born child for the first time in five years. Even though Eddie Greene, who replaced Leigh Peek and Donna Ambler Rice as attorney for the Branches, regurgitated the same old argument on April 11, 2011, that Murray would be traumatized by being reintroduced to his mother, nothing seemed to be further from the truth at their visit at Chuck E. Cheese, as there were many smiles and much laughter.

Since Ms. McManaway returned to Nevada, there have also been phone calls and Murray has been able to speak with his little sister for the first time.

What this case is about is a group of people, including a judge and some attorneys, who held themselves above the law because they have no respect for the legal process. They lied, they conspired, they twisted the facts and the law because they believe the law does not apply to them or to Ms. McManaway or to Murray.

What this group of co-conspirators underestimated, though, is a mother's love for her child and the power of truth to expose a lie.