After failure to disenfranchise voters, Trudy Wade goes after environment


Defending the indefensible:

That measure, included in the Senate’s version of the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015, would eliminate all air-quality monitoring not required by federal law. A chart released recently by the state Division of Air Quality suggests that could knock out 58 of the 115 testing devices that environmental regulators currently check at a total of 50 test stations across the state, screening for such pollutants as ozone, air toxics, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, nitrate and various types of particulate matter.

“It would strengthen it, I would think,” she said of the bill’s impact on air-quality, “because it would put it at the local level where you could identify where a problem is coming from.”

She's said a lot of stupid things recently, but this one might take the anti-science cake. It's like saying you should get rid of the carbon monoxide detectors in your home, because they don't tell you which specific appliance or air circulation problem is trying to kill you. The Senate's rewrite of these bills are so bad not a single House vote was cast in their favor:

The impasse over the two bills reveals fissures in Republican leadership at the state level.

The GOP-controlled House voted down both revised reform bills from the GOP-led Senate, in bipartisan votes of 117-0 and 99-0.

Wade chairs the Senate half of both conference committees formed in the aftermath of those votes to resolve the intra-party differences.

Yeah, I mean, no. After the fiasco of Wade's bull-headed push to gerrymander Greensboro, in which unknown threats were levied against House Republicans who had questions about the necessity and constitutionality of the move, Trudy Wade is the last person who should be leading the effort to "resolve" differences between the two bodies.



Just a side note:

Some of you may find it hard to believe, but Trudy Wade used to be a Democrat. At least for a short period of time, anyway, until she concluded switching back to Republican was in her long-term better interests.

Just food for thought for you political junkies out there. Not all party-switchers are as slimy as Tricky Trudy, but we have to assume they are until a few years have gone by and behavior can be observed and verified.

I believe (hope) her power grabs will spell the end

of her career in the legislature. Thomas Mills seems to think so. Maybe I need to find a "Dem to Watch" from her district. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm glad...

...that sea level doesn't rise, that pollution doesn't travel with the wind, and that polluted water doesn't flow down hill, thanks to our General Assembly.


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