After dark - open thread

Just got robo-called by Frank Roche in the 4th District. Spiel opened with, "Hi, I'm Frank Roche, an independent-minded candidate." Independent minded my ass.


Local public financing option

Winston-Salem City Council voted 6-2 this evening to include in our 2010 legislative package support for the local-option public finance bill ("voter-owned elections") which passed the N.C. House last year and is now pending in the N.C. Senate. (The only "no" votes were our lone Republican member and just one of our seven Democrats.)

In voting for this resolution, we join Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, and other municipalities in supporting the option for local governments to set up public financing alternatives for elections.

Dan Besse

Just a question, but I'm not familiar...

Can you expound a little on that legislation. I'm not familiar. Would it be mandatory that candidates use the public funds or is it an opt-out thing?

Thanks for any info.