After dark

Some exciting news tonight. Tom "who-is-not-gay" Fetzer has invited the latest darling of the Republican fringe, conservative lunatic Doug Hoffman of New York, to give a lecture on how to lose elections in North Carolina. We can only wish Tom well in his mission to remake the NCGOP in the image of Glen Beck and Sarah What's-her-name.

As I said after Emperor Pope's artful destruction of moderate Republican Richard Morgan, "Let the purge begin!"


The "Doo-Doo" situation is just another sympton of ....

the "complete" corporate control of the USA. I can remember going back to the 70s where the 'tree-huggers' were warning of this type of pollution from the growing Agriculture corporations. Their only answer has been to buy out anybody in position of regulating or inspecting their operations. I would recommend a good viewing of a recent movie, "Food, Inc"(1hr, 30 min) to get a real video of what's happening with our poultry, meat and veggie production. If you don't feel a desire to grow your own food, or at least look for another way, then get your will in order before your earlier than expected exit. But pay attention to that farmer who pretty much does things the old way, and pretty successfully, without generating a lot of pollution. These big Ag corporations are right up there with the insurance, oil and pharmaceuticals as the 'worst persons in the world'! Oh, and as usual, that movie won't be in my local movie house anytime soon, so I had to get it on my Netflix order.