After dark


nice woman called me to about cigarette tax increase

Caller id "0000000" has been calling me between noon and 2pm everyday for the past ten days. Today I picked up. A nice woman let me know that the Illinois legislature is considering raising taxes on cigarettes. When I told her that that was fine by me she ended the conversation. Any guesses as to who is paying for that call?


This woman sounded like a low wage call center worker.

Kay Hagan has committed to help workers like her in their struggle for greater respect in workplace. I applaud her for sticking to her guns on this issue, particularly in the face of unprecedented attacks by corporate lobbyists and other right wing machinery.


as much as I may wish it otherwise, I think I'm reading the same news you are...

Check out the new post on forums just posted

Hagan has been named on a list of "Moderate Dems" who are "seeking to restrain the influence of party liberals". It just seems that the American people just voted overwhelmingly last November to put those "Liberals" in power so they could influence the party.

Kay never ran as a liberal

We all knew (or should have known) she wasn't. She was the person best equipped and prepared to beat Elizabeth Dole in November. That's why we supported her.

So far she has voted with the President every single time. I will wait to become furious until she actually does something wrong.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Has anyone done an analysis of how the Gubernatorial, Senate, and Presidential election efforts affected (or is it effected?) one another?

Too simplistic

If the presidential candidate had been anyone other than Obama, Democratic turnout would have faltered. The dynamic is way more complicated than margin of victory.


I don't even know how you would begin to try to calculate it. I'm sure some political scientist has a theory or something.

Agree to an extent

If the Presidential candidate were Clinton, turnout for Hagan would still have been strong, just among a different demographic.

I agree that the Dole-Hagan race had it's own dynamic.

Also, the decoupling of the Presidential ticket in NC makes an assessment of Presidential coattails down a ticket (or non-Presidential coattails going up more difficult.


According to the reports

she is part of the coalition trying to water down climate change legislation and attempting to undermind the fast-track budget rules to prevent filibusters. It may not be visible in a vote, it may be more back room shenanigans.