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Wouldn't it be awesome if North Carolina had a US Senator who understood this?


It's time to end "limited liability" for corporations.

We're trapped in a system where companies have more rights and privileges than people. Why don't most elected officials understand that ... and then do something about it?

When I'm governor, no business owner in North Carolina will be allowed to use his or her company as cover to get away with committing crimes.

"where companies have more rights and privileges than people"

"where companies have more rights and privileges than people"

I may do more of a write up about it or at least put up a picture or two later when I'm less tired, but I can happily report that another city in NC took a stand against crazy notion of corporate personhood by passing an anti-Citizens United resolution.

Tonight Rocky Mount joined Asheville, Bryson City, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Franklin, Greensboro, Greenville, Highland, Raleigh, Sylva, and Winston Salem in passing the Resolution to Amend the Federal Constitution to Clarify that Corporations are not People and Money is not Speech.

It may take some time, but common sense is clawing it's way back into the public sphere.

Rocky Mount passes anti-Citizens United resolution!

“The basic idea is that top-down big money shouldn’t buy our elections; instead power in our democracy should grow from the ground up, and that’s why this movement is starting at the city council level all across the state and nation,” Goad said. “Whether the issue is health care, education, crime or the environment, all of Rocky Mount’s residents are affected if public policies are unduly influenced by money, rather than what is best for the people.”