After dark

If North Carolina's special corporate interests get their way, and it's looking like they will, the secretive Pat McCrory will be governor-elect next week at this time, along with an NC House full of bigots and an NC Senate full of assholes. Even worse, the corrupt Thom Tillis will have gained full control North Carolina's fragile policy agenda, answering only to a handful of wealthy rich men. If you are a woman, a poor person, a black person, a brown person, or a gay person, you will soon find yourself well and truly fucked by a government that views you as a second-class citizen.

The only thing standing between you and a free future is the North Carolina Supreme Court, which is also at risk of being acquired by Art Pope's Multmillion Dollar Opinion Manufacturing Machine.

If that happens, it will be a very cold day in hell.


If it didn't matter to them

which party was in charge, they wouldn't be spending millions on tv ads to get Republicans elected.

Democrats haven't always put the interests of the citizens above those of corporations, and you'll find our complaints of that here and there in our archives. But if you've been paying attention for the last two years, you would have seen the difference.

From slashing environmental regs to eroding worker's rights, the GOP-led General Assembly gives business interests a blank check to write their own laws. That's not government, it's a business proxy.

False equivalency

I am not a Democrat, but I agree with you that the Democratic Party has been negligent in many ways.

That said, I will take a negligent Democrat over a destructive Republican any day. In terms of their potential for negative impacts on our state, Republicans are a hundred times worse.

Anyone who's "reasonably honest" would find the lying and deception of the current crop of Republican leaders - from the mercurial Mitt Rmoney on down to Taliban Skip Stam - to be worthy of nothing but scorn.

Your attempt to paint the two parties and their agendas as somehow equivalent doesn't even begin to pass the smell test.