After dark


Haven't been around

nearly as much as I'd like. As Shipping and Receiving Manager, I have more opportunities to add to the bottom line than I did when I managed production. The problem is, if it looks like I can save/earn a substantial amount for the company by doing the driving myself, well. Thanks to the cell phone, I can both drive and manage other people simultaneously. Most of the time.

Let's just say, if you look up the word "stressed" in the dictionary, it shows my picture over in the margin. ;/

Bleah to stress! Get some

Bleah to stress! Get some relaxation in on your down time.

Believe it or not,

writing is one of my favorite pastimes. But it also takes time (for me anyway) to do it right. I've spent hours writing, editing and/or rewriting, just to produce a couple of paragraphs.

When the muse is willing and the words flow, it's very relaxing. When she isn't and they don't, not so relaxing.

Keep up the good work

You, James and others on here do a good job of writing things that I have enjoyed reading. It is comforting to know that there are others who have similar views on the important issues that we face as a state and nation.

Thank you

It means a lot to get that kind of feedback, and I know James appreciates it, too.