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Message to Cal Cunningham from a reader

TO CAL CUNNINGHAM. FROM: A concerned resident of District 6.

I voted for you in the primary, and hope you will consider another run--for the US Congress. With all the anger at Congress now, there is a good chance even the seats of popular Reps like Coble are in jeopardy, and newcomers have a better chance of ousting incumbents - especially if (like the Tea Party) they play on voters' frustrations with a slogan like "Fed up? I'm with you?" Then list all the ways you'll be on "our" side when elected. I for one would be happy to campaign for you. RSVP

He's off to Afghanistan

to do some JAG work with the 3rd Group. And it ain't gonna be a walk in the park.

Not sure what the duration will be, but SOCOM/JSOC has a habit of latching onto people for extended periods of time. Maybe by the 2014 election...